Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The PICC-ture of Health

Ugh--I know that title is awful but after surviving today I can put whatever I want at the top of my post!

Yesterday I had my follow up appointment with the hematologist. As I was hoping he had a plan of action--my backup plan was to beat him about the head with his clipboard until he figured out a way to fix my anemia. Anyway--Praise God I am not deficient in anything except B12 and Iron. I have a low RBC count but it is because my body is lacking the building blocks to make them and not that I have cancer in the bone marrow or some other problem. I got two huge injections of B-12 yesterday and will have to get more at the 6 week post-partum checkup. Not a big deal. Unfortunately the iron is a big deal. Despite iron supplements and natrual fixes and even eating 6 pieces of liver over the past week my iron levels are still falling and my hemaglobin is really low. Not good. Especially not good if I hemmorage again during delivery like I have with my past two babies. The plan he had was for IV iron therapy over the course of the next 3 weeks.

So this morning I bravely marched into the hospital and got a PICC line inserted. It was AWFUL. First I am a needle phobic. Second, I don't look pregnant and they didn't treat me like I was pregnant in my opinion (though I could just be a grouch because I was EXTREMLY grouchy this morning). I got there at 7:15 and they couldn't find the billing code so I have to go back tomorrow to pay--grrr. Then they finally get me back and put me on the table at 7:50 after I have signed all the stuff. They wrap my tummy with lead so Isabelle doesn't get radiated when they do the x-rays. Then, with me flat on my back, they START to set up the room. I laid there for 45 minutes before the doctor even got there. By then I had to pee, was having trouble breating (flat on my back with the added weight of a baby who's over 4lbs and the lead shield), and BEYOND nervous and freaking out seeing the nurse pull all these huge needles and stuff out. After one hour they finally started prepping me which included coving my face completely with a shield and just leaving me there while they cleaned my arm. Yikes! Can't see anything and then the doctor said--"Were gonna start now--little bee sting" and that was it. The whole procedure he didn't say anything to me like "How are you doing?" Or "You're going to feel tons of warm wet stuff flowing down your arm don't worry you aren't bleeding to death even though we're threading this thing into your heart." Nothing. Keep in mind he couldn't see my face and the fact that I was crying and trying my hardest not to throw up. Not to mention it HURT a ton. He numbed up where the thing went in but it felt like he was threading a boiling spaghetti noodle through my armpit. It was terrible. He finally finished and I got up, got un-dizzy, and RAN to the bathroom and threw up. Whew--nerves. Poor Isabelle got WAY too much adrenaline today--she was bouncing around for hours like a little jumping bean.

Then I got to one hilight of my day--the Hematologist office. They took me right back and it was a nice comfy bed with cable TV and magazines with a private room and dim lighting. The nurse practioner came in a talked with me and made sure I was OK. The nurse came in and started the iron and kept checking on me to make sure I was fine. After 15 minutes she dimmed the lights and I took a nap for an hour while the iron went in. Wonderful staff--very nice--I am actually looking forward to an hour of kid free time there every day until Thanksgiving. They are so sweet!

Then it was back to the daily grind of taking care of kids. I got Elijah from preschool and his teachers were asking how I was doing (since I didn't drop him off). I told them what was up (briefly) and we headed home. I got Lydia down for a nap alright but Elijah was another story. He knew mommy couldn't pick him up so he chose his first battle to be going up the stairs. He refused to do it. It took more than 45 minutes and lots of DISCIPLINE for him to get his hiney up those stairs. It was absolutely awful. Of course the constant screaming woke up Lydia so just as EJ was going down I had to get her up. She was still tired though and spent the whole afternoon whining. When EJ got up he was still testing every limit. He hit me and his sissy and spit on me then refused to go to the time out chair. I finally got him in the chair and after his time out he refused to apologize and instead sat there for more than 2 hours just glaring at us. He is the most strong willed child EVER!

Then the second hilight of the day--dinner. My MOPS group has totally stepped up to the plate in helping with childcare and meals. Crystal brought us some cheddar broccoli soup tonight that was to die for. The kids each ate two huge bowls of it. It was delicious! It was also wonderful not to have to cook. I am really looking forward to the meals people have planned. Maybe its selfish but I am going to soak up every bit of generosity that people are willing to give. I love making meals for new moms and stuff and hope that they enjoy it as much as I really enjoyed getting that meal tonight. I also REALLY need the help right now as my arm has gotten progressively more painful and I can't move it without crying right now. I was going to post a pic of me with my PICC line but I just took a look at it and there is some bleeding and it is generally gross so I'll just save that one for the scrapbook :)

Here's to what I know will be a better tomorrow!!

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bethany said...

It sounds AWFUL Covey!! I'm so sorry-I had anemia too, but they never had to do this!
I can totally relate with the being at the doctor's to get some peace-that's my favorite part about having a baby. Being in the hospital where it is quiet and toddlerless :) Sounds terrible, but it's true!! Hope you get a nap everyday!
I had no idea MOPS groups brought in meals-that's such a wonderful resource for you to have!!