Friday, November 13, 2009

Stress . . .

My friends are awesome and it is so wonderful to have them to take care of my kids. I am ever so grateful that so many people have stepped up to take over childcare so that I can focus on getting well! It is such a relief knowing the kids are well cared for and playing and having fun.

It is stressing Lydia out though to be going so far off her normal routine. Being with someone other than mommy for more than 2 hours a day, often times a stranger someone, is wreaking havoc with my angel.

No napping.


Not sleeping at night.

Horribly clingy and paci-holic, "wuvvy"-holic behaviors.

My poor angel!

A weekend of normalcy will do her a world of good.

Today she stayed with "rampy" (Grampy) and EJ too. I left them both smiling and laughing. She waved cheerfully as I left. Oh yeah! I felt good, she felt good. I got to the doctor nervous about the dressing change and treatment and my blood pressure was down over 10 points from yesterday. Leaving my children laughing does wonders for my stress level too--even when I am nervous about myself.

The doctor says I am already looking "pinker" and he is going to test my levels on Tuesday. If they look good I might even be able to get the PICC line out on this Friday! We'll have to see. He thinks my body is really liking this therapy and responding well. I am sure the therapy is great but also sure that all the prayers you guys are sending my way are responsible.

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