Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby Update

Things are going well for us with the baby!

Hemeglobin is up to 11--it hasn't been that high since before Lydia was born! Huge praise there.

Baby gained almost a full pound according to the ultrasound. I told Justin I thought she felt "heavy." Turns out she has dropped and gained about 12 ounces since last week. Good growth! I also gained almost a pound so all my weight gain this week was due to the baby. Isabelle is almost 6 lbs now and I am 38 weeks tomorrow. She'll be on the small side like EJ was. That's fine with me!! As long as she is ripe!

Can't wait to meet her. From the ultrasound pics you can definately tell she is a Denton baby--she just looks like the other two.

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