Thursday, December 31, 2009

D is for Dinosaur!

Took the kids to the museum in Raleigh this morning to see dinosaurs. Elijah was a little disappointed at first because they weren't "real" (alive), but he quickly warmed up to the whole museum statue thing. I think he was a bit relieved they were just statues when we actually got in the room and he saw how big the dinosaurs actually were.

What amazed me the most is what he remembered about the museum. He remembered that last year we went around Christmastime with daddy (which is why he wanted to go so much again THIS year near Christmas) and that he remembered that last year he was too scared to go through the dinosaur tunnel. This morning at the table, after I told him where we were going today, he started talking about wanting to see the giant bugs and the tunnel. I KNOW he hasn't looked at the scrapbook pics of that trip (the scrapbook is in the closet) so this is 100% his MEMORY. The child is part elephant I think.

Anyway--we got there with only one wrong turn (go mommy!) and explored a bit over 2 hours. Then we had our picnic lunch in the trunk of the subaru. Elijah and Lydia thought that was wonderful. I shut the hatch with us inside and left the stroller in the parking lot and they were both giggling like crazy. After our lunch we headed home. Boy I wish I had kids that slept in the car--I would have gladly forfeited nap at home for the hour of consta-scream from the backseat. We got home, Lyddie slept for about 45 minutes and is currently upstairs LOUDLY protesting being in her crib--I'm hoping she'll fall back asleep but if she's still awake when I fishish typing I'll go get her. EJ fought about going down and fell asleep just as the little miss started screaming. Thankfully he is in our bed sawing logs.

Justin was a little shocked at our field trip. I swear I told him about it earlier this week but he says I forgot to tell him. Oh well. I wanted to try and get it in before I had a little nip-sucker nursing every two hours. I know it will be hard to do the hour trip and get nursing in and not have the other two go bonkers--especially if this one isn't good at nursing in the sling. Local stuff is a cinch--nurse at home and leave immediately--but stuff with a drive, even with two kiddos experience, still intimidates me a bit.

Well--she's still at it so I am gonna grab her and upload pics of the dinosaurs later.

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