Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!

We had a wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend at the beach. We sent the kids down with granny and grampy Friday afternoon and I spent the time kid-free cleaning the house and making my own delicious birthday cake: carrot with coconut and pineapple with homemade cream-cheese icing. Delish! I felt like a super-woman when, while the cake was baking and the laundry was washing, I went to the garage and changed out the burnt out lightbulb on the Subaru with a new one. I popped the hood and did it 100% solo. Pretty proud moment for me :) Cars intimidate me. We got to the beach about 10pm.

Saturday we had cake first thing and then grampy and Justin took the kiddos to the aquarium and out to lunch and my mom and I tackled a bunch of Christmas shopping. She insisted on getting me something for my birthday so we got some earrings and new crocs for me. It was fun and I got almost everyone checked off my list. We also went and got a fantastic shrimp fiesta salad for lunch. We shopped from 8:30-almost 3 in the afternoon. It was fun! I love just being able to browse around and find good deals and not have to chase the kids through the store. It was some serious retail therapy and I won't need another dose until next year around this time--that really cured my shopping "fix."

For my big birthday dinner Lyddie, Justin, Grampy and I went to Panera. Granny and EJ stayed home since Ej woke up seriously grouchy from a nap. It was delicious. My little girl ate almost an entire cup of the broccoli soup--it was crazy how much she ate! We got Lydia in bed and tried to get Elijah down. He ended up staying up until almost 11pm!

Sunday the kiddos went to the beach in the morning with Granny and Grampy and Justin and I cleaned the house up a bit and had a relaxing morning. After a lunch at Cox we headed back to Wilson. We were surprised the kids didn't sleep at least a little bit in the car but they didn't fuss too bad on the way back. Once we got home they were wild and then melted down :( EJ was running on WAY too little sleep! Travelling is fun but truly exhausting. We put the kids in bed at 5:30 and topped off the great weekend with a pizza from Papa Johns. Yum!!

We took the carseat and hospital bag just in case but Bella decided to stay put for at least a little while longer. She is getting so heavy and cramped in there and we are so ready to meet her. It would be a wonderful surprise if this little bundle of joy decided to come early instead of late, but I suppose every pregnant woman wishes for that at the end of the pregnancy. I am far less miserable with her than I was with the other two so if she needs to chill out another couple of weeks we are good with that!

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