Friday, December 25, 2009

I've never been so glad . . .

. . . that I am a mother of TWO precious angels with one on the way! WOW! This Christmas was AWESOME and it was wonderful to just soak it up and not have a newborn. The kids were wonderful--way better than I expected!

Elijah was so excited last night. He has been terrified of the idea of Santa coming and made me promise we'd lock the door to the den and put up both baby gates (the one at the top and bottom of the stairs) so Santa couldn't come and "see him when he's sleeping" like the song says. (Grampy can't open the baby gates so it serves to reason that Santa probably can't either :) ). So Justin and I were pretty surprised when he was excited last night to leave ONE cookie for Santa and he didn't mention locking the door. About 10:30 Elijah came into our room, tears streaming down his face just shaking. He woke me up and told me he'd had a nightmare and Santa had come into his room and touched him. He NEEDED to sleep with me. Thankfully Justin came to bed shortly after midnight and traded with me so I could get some sleep on the couch (and relieve my bladder as needed--40 weeks preggo means a lot of getting up at night!). Not sure how much sleep the two of them actually did--EJ said daddy snored, daddy said Elijah kept kicking him. Glad I was on the couch :) Lyddie got us all up at 5am--ready to start her day.
Christmas Morning--complete with "magic" snow footprints from Santa's boots (potato flakes).
The kids had a blast opening their stocking and Santa came through with the dye free licorice Elijah was hoping for.

The kids flipped over their one present from mommy and daddy--a "new" playhouse! They had so much fun opening and shutting the door and doing the doorbell and shutting the windows. They also put EJ's little fold out Spiderman couch in there.

Crazy children!!
Santa's little helper--how cute is she!?!?

Baby Denton #3 on Christmas--yes this is all the belly I have at 40 weeks pregnant. I have no lungs at this point :)
Celebration #3--morning with Nana and Papa (Justin's parents)

Ej took this picture--just had to brag on my 3 year old's picture taking skills (nevermind the next 14 shots were of his feet and the ceiling).

Celebration #3 with Granny and Grampy. After too short naps (fueled by the enormous candy consumption??) we headed to granny and grampys for dinner and gifts. It was fun. So much fun the kids didn't want to leave and granny and grampy graciously offered to host a "sleepover party" so the sleep deprived mommy and daddy could rest tonight.

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