Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Misunderstandings of a Three Year Old

Today Elijah was in tears about going to preschool. He was sobbing, and pleading for me to NOT drop him off. He wanted to take his presents in for his teachers and go with me. I tried to tell him it was party day and that made him even more upset. When I asked him why he didn't want to go to preschool he said:
"Its party day. Mrs. Krysty said they are having pizza. I don't wanna have to eat pizza mama. I don't like it!"
I held up his lunch box, told him I packed him a lunch and he didn't have to eat pizza and the water works stopped and he ran inside thrilled.

Yesterday Elijah told me he didn't want Isabelle coming. This is the first he's mentioned of NOT wanting a sissy. He asked if it was almost Christmas and when I told him yes he said he wishes it was a long time until Christmas so Isabelle wouldn't come. I asked him why and he said:
"I like MY sissy. I like Lydia. I don't want her to die."
Apparantly he was under the impression we were swapping sissy's and he was going to have to trade in Isabelle for Lydia. I told him he was getting TWO sissy's and we were keeping Lydia and he said:
"God is giving us two? He's not going to swap Lyddie for Isabelle? Oh--OK. Hers can come on out then."

Can I just say how GUILTY I feel that he was stressing about Lydia dying?????

Out of the mouth of babes:

"Mom, I think all reindeers are horny. They got big antlers so they must be really horny."


Finally, so as not to leave out Lydia, yesterday she awoke from her nap in a foul mood and screaming. I went in there and asked her what was wrong and she threw her lovey and her paci in the crib and looked at me and said:
"Daddy home work. Daddy bonk my head. Big boo-boo! Daddy did it!"

Daddy wasn't home so I am not sure if she dreamed it, she is remembering a sleepy daddy not so gently plopping her in the crib on another occasion or if she just made up a story about why she was so grumpy. I got a chuckle though. That naughty daddy!

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