Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A "New" Normal

Wow! The kids have slept and napped well both yesterday and today. That means I have slept and napped well too. I am also not anemic anymore. Is this what it is like to feel "normal"?? It is absolutely WONDERFUL! I am much more longsuffering--I endured a 2 hour time out battle with Elijah yesterday and didn't even get flustered--Justin came home and he was still in time out but I had dinner on the table and I was still in a good mood. That is amazing in and of itself. I am not craving sleep and don't feel like I want to just sit and cry if I don't get a nap. In fact, I went the whole weekend with no nap and didn't feel "robbed" at all.

I haven't slept well in forever and I haven't had a normal hemeglobin since before Lydia was born. This is so different for me. I hope we can get the new baby on a good sleep schedule so I can keep on feeling this good. I have to say I am somewhat jealous at what I have been missing out on. If I can feel this good at 39 weeks preggo it must be absolutely wonderful to be non-anemic and well rested when you aren't pregnant. I can't wait to find out!!

Tonight we put up the outside Christmas lights. It was wonderful. The kids absolutely loved the lights. I had bought candy canes and HUGE snowflakes on after-Christmas sales last year and it was great to break them out for the first time. The yard looks so festive and colorful and I love it!

I took some great pics but Lydia has hidden (or thrown away??) my camera cord so I can't download them tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I am sure I will figure out something before Isabelle is born--I can't imagine not sharing pics of our newest angel.

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