Thursday, December 03, 2009

So Happy!

I am finally getting a little pooch!! I turn 37 weeks today by the doctor's calculations and 36 weeks today by mine. We'll see who comes closer :)
I was really worried yesterday about getting my blood drawn today and about the PICC LIne. I was absoultely devestated when my levels hadn't changed after a week of treatments and I had to come back for another 5 this week. Turns out that the baby must have been anemic as well and those initial treatments went to satisfying the baby's needs. Now my hemeglobin is 10.4 (normal is 12 but it takes time to make red blood cells so this is good) and my ferratin level is 349 (without today's and tomorrow's treatments). I started out with my hemeglobin around 7 and a ferratin level of 4. Normal is about 400 so I should be good on ferratin with the other two treatments in me.

I am so excited!!!!
Tomorrow my dad is going to watch the kiddos and I am headed to get my last treatment and then over to the hospital to get my PICC line REMOVED!!! Yes! After 4 weeks I will no longer have to sleep with a pillow under my arm, I will be able to pick up my boy again, I will be able to lift laundry and the vacuum and my life can return to "normal" until the baby comes. No more devoting 2 hours every morning to getting iron dripped into my blood while my babies play with sitters. No more mornings of this . . .

I also had an OB appointment today and Isabelle is looking great.
We got our first shot of her face in all of the US we have had. I think she looks like a Denton--though it is hard to tell. She is going to most likely be small like EJ was since she is still at just over 5 lbs but she is very active and seemingly very healthy.

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