Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White's Lights

I don't have any pics since we used Nana's awesome camera, but we took the kids to White's Lights tonight and it was so fun. Elijah loved being able to get out of the carseat and sit in Nana's lap and Lyddie loved being up front with Grandmama. I think Grandmama liked it too :)

Elijah actually remembered last year that we'd had hot chocolate and cookies in the car. This year we ate at grandmama's and just had candy canes in the car. I couldn't believe he remembered that detail! He was only 2 1/2!!

He said the White's lights was a "Christmas Forest." Too cute!

Elijah absolutely refused to get out of the car to go and see Santa. I wasn't too surprised since he's been asking all week if he could just wave at Santa and not touch Santa etc. Lydia got out and went down to Santa but started screaming "No No No!" when I got within about 5 ft of him. We snapped a quick picture of her in my arms about 3 ft. away from Santa. That's all we could do this year. We don't make a big deal of Santa in our house so I am not at all upset that the kids didn't want to sit with him. Its not something that I feel like they are missing out on.

All in all a fun night. I am so hoping they will sleep. It was after 8pm when we laid them down and normally missing their bedtime by that much means that I will be up a bunch. They've been sleeping really lousy for several nights in a row now and I need a break!

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