Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Boys and Dinos

Whew--we've had a couple of rough nights. Molars and Elijah insisting that we get rid of his bed rail (like Dylan--I'm a big boy too!) have kept me up with both kids. She looks so relaxed though--I wish I could sleep in some of the positions they choose!Their moods though have been great. Here is Elijah goofing off this morning and telling me about his dinosaurs--the pronounciation is not too bad for a 2.5 year old.

Yesterday was fun. We spent the afternoon outside having a dino hunt and coloring chalk on the driveway. We wrote a sign for daddy:

Then we hid dinos to "scare" daddy. It is too cute how excited Elijah gets at the prospect of scaring daddy.

We've added another "job" to Elijah's list. He is the official sheet changer. He is a big help. Here he is showing off his "pillow pushing muscles" where he pushes the pillows into the pillowcases. He is so excited for his daddy to have "fresh" sheets. He tells me that daddy ges hot at night and gets his sheets stinky. That's a big improvement from the first sheet change last week when he asked if daddy had wet the bed. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Look Out Duff!!

Power Tools . . . meet cake decorating. Hope you like it Dylan--I sure had fun making it!

Mmmm... paper and staples!

Today Lydia decided to help herself and get her own snack. She chose her brother's moracca from preschool. I looked at her one minute and she was playing music with Elijah. I look a minute later and half the plate is missing including the staples. I of course call the pediatrician in near panic and they told me to bring her on in. After a quick x-ray to determine that her lungs were clear we are playing the wait and see game with all her dirty diapers. There are 4 staples in there and they should come on their own. The doctor said to not feel bad (although I do!!) that so far she's seen an OPEN safety pin and a chewed up Christmas bulb pass thorugh her patients this year.
Mmm--nothing says tasty like a shamrock paper plate moracca! You can see the one staple here--there are 4 more that are "whited out" in this picture. Anyone know how to get a good picture or copy of an xray??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's gonna kill me!

Lydia is going to kill me--I am going to drop dead from a heart attack before she is two. This morning Elijah ran into the den where I was sewing one last seam on my new sling (thanks Vermillion rules!!) and said that he couldn't find Lydia. I thought he had just hidden her in the tent or under a blanket but he was right--she was nowhere to be found. I know he can't open the bathroom, pantry and front door (because they have baby locks on them) and I knew the gate was on the stairs but I couldn't find her. Then I hear a squeal from upstairs. I look over the gate and see my angel at the top of the stairs. She smiles and says:
"Mommy--Ta-daaaaaa!" and holds her arms up.
I pratically flew over the gate and up the stairs. How the heck did she get over the gate?? IT is up to my chest and solid mesh-no toe holds. Even my smart two year old hasn't been able to get over. I think she is learning from the master and going to run me ragged.

Other incidents in the last week include climbing to the top of the playset using the ladder and going down the slide solo and climbing up onto the dining room table and standing up in the one minute it took me to take EJ to the bathroom. Ahhh---my little gymnast.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tickle Tickle

Dreading Easter?

With Easter coming up we face our first big "candy" holiday since we started the dye free adventure. Valentines was easy--most chocolates don't have dyes. Christmas was a breeze--granny found candy canes at Trader Joes with no red in them and we had some dye free sprinkles for cookies. I am just so torn about Easter and more specifically the Easter Egg Hunt. Elijah had a blast last year picking up the eggs and eating WAY too much stuff. I would love to take him again but I know he shouldn't eat anything out there or we risk a reaction. At first I thought I was overreacting but he had a candy necklace today after MOPS and he has tantrumed non stop all afternoon so far and isn't napping. We'll see how tonight goes but it isn't looking good. I thought about just stuffing my pockets with "acceptable" candy and trading him for everything in his eggs but I am not sure if he will go for that. I mean Hershey kisses and Kit-Kats don't hold the appeal of suckers and jellybeans.

I know in the grand scheme of things this is a small sacrifice to make and that there are kids who don't participate because of life threatening allergies. My heart goes out to those parents. The worst I will face is a night or two of no sleep if he gets something he shouldn't. It still makes me feel bad that he is going to miss out on somehting I remember enjoying a lot.

What would you do?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Developmental Leaps

Whew!! I love kids learning language. Lydia has started saying "Tickle Tickle Tickle" and it is so cute. Of course when I whip out the video camera to take a video she tries to grab it and stops saying it. She is also saying stuff like "Hi Mommy!" "Daddy Bye Bye" "Lijah no!" and my favorites "I did it!" "Lij did it" (Elijah did it) "Oooo did it" (You did it). I think I heard "Papa did it" yesterday but I am not sure.

She starts chanting "Bammy" (Grampy) when we go to their house and says "Papa" when she sees him or a picture of him.

She loves black men--the darker the skin and the bigger the man the better. She will practically leap out of my arms or the shopping cart to try and get them to hold her. It is really funny--she can't stand old ladies though and cries when they try and hold her. The one exception is "maaa-mama" (grandmama).

It is just amazing the difference in week to week. Now that she isn't concentrating so much on learning to walk she is just exploding language wise. It is so fun to watch.

Elijah has turned a corner as well. His moods and attitudes in general are much better. He has also started using some phrases and stuff that take me by surprise. I love to hear his say stuff like "Oh my goodness. Lydia is going to get hurt if she keeps doing that." He says it just that way--like an old lady! The cutest little babyism he still has is "That's how it NOT goes!" I love it and hope he keeps it for a while yet.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!!

HEad on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and joing the Blog Party 2009! It is awesome and there are tons of prizes that you can win. There are over 75 prizes that you might win. I love getting free stuff. Here are some of my top choices:

#58 Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer
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#75 Original Baby Name Art
#16 Gift Card for Hair Stuff from Ladybug Limited
#45 Ultra Chic Diaper Bag
#32 A copy of I Brake for Meltdowns--looks like a good read to me!
#73 Snacker Catcher

So head on over and sign up!! This is an awesome chance to win some awesome stuff.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yes that's right-- My little girl said:
"Ahhh-Dov-Oooo Mommy" today.
Of course I said "I love you" right back at her and was rewarded by yet another "Ahhh-Dov-Oooo." The sweetest sounds a mommy's ears can hear.

Speaking of sweet--Someone coated my little boy in sugar lately. He has been having such an attitude of gratitude. He regularly says "Thank you for my good dinner mommy" and today he thanked me for letting him get mini-wheats at the grocery store. He's just too sweet. He also complimented Lydia on her outfit. He told her "Those are really cute pants Lydia. I think you made a good choice this morning. They are match to match with your cute hat." (Both had ladybugs on them). Way to build up your sister buddy!!

We've also been pretty much tantrum free after naps for a week now. I can't even describe how nice that is. To not dread the 3pm hour. It is wonderful! Hopefully those tantrums are out of his system but even if they aren't, I am enjoying the brief respite.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lyddie One Year Update!

She is 20 lbs and 29 inches long. That puts her in the 60% for height and the 25% for weight. My poor angel had to get 4 shots and a blood draw (to check for lead and iron). She is not a happy camper. She is upstairs catching a quick nap before we have to go and get Elijah. Say a prayer for her if you remember--shots on top or molars coming in :( She is pretty miserable. Thankfully she is walking everywhere so hopefully she'll work the soreness out of her legs in no time.

She has mild Ezcema and the doc said to put on Cortaid when it flares up. She has one spot on her knee, one on her shoulder and a patch on her neck and the crook of her elbow. It doesn't seem to bother her so hopefully it will clear up this summer when she can wear short sleeves. Anyone know an alternative to the hydrocortisone? I was thinking I would just try lotion a couple of times a day first. Since she isn't itchy I feel like I have time to experiment.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes I wonder . . .

. . . what is going through his mind. Today at preschool he called his best friend's baby sister "cauliflower head." When I asked him why in the car he said:
"Her hair is sprouting out of her head like a baby cauliflower plant."

I am sure Alysun will love to hear that about her precious girl's hairstyle. I think the paintbrush ponytail is cute!

A New Look

Many thanks to a fellow blogger who tuned me into this awesome site with tons of free backgrounds. I think the new look is awesome and I am sure it will change to reflect the seasons. Check it out!! It is so easy!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Lyddie-bug

We had a great party--here is an update on my little girl's progress this year.

She is walking (As of TODAY!)--my definition--balances, stops and steps and tries to walk from one place to another instead of crawling. She's still unsteady but she can do it!
She is signing (14 signs that we recognize)

She is talking (25 or so that we recognize)

She's slept through the night twice. Normally she gets up at 10pm and 4 or 5 am to eat.

She has 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth and is currently cutting her top molars (1/2 way there!)
She answers to: Lydia, Lyddie, Sissy, Lyddie-poo, Pookie-poo, Pookie and Lyddie-Grace. She calls herself "Idia"
Making Fun of Lydia's Outfit

Happy Birthday Lyddie Girl!

Our little girl is one today!

Pics of the party to follow--for now its off for a nap with the kiddos.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ahhh . . .Sleep

Two nights in a row Lydia has gone to bed at 7ish and slept until 6:30ish without waking us up once. EJ has been doing great too--only up once a night. What does this mean? WONDERFUL SLEEP FOR ME!!! Ah--it is so nice!

This morning Elijah was eating his oatmeal and he was eating one of his "Sweet Tart Vitamins." He asked for a "Rectangle Sweet Tart" I had no idea what he was talking about. I asked him if it was candy, ("No!"). So I did what most mom's would do and took him to the pantry to hold up a bunch of things to see if that was it. He started by looking in his basket of treats--not there. Then he was looking on the cereal shelf--not there either. I asked him again to describe it.

"Mom. Its a sweet tart rectangle. It is in a box. It has sprinkles on it. You put in the toaster--hotsy totsy. Then I eat it. Daddy likes them too. Its a sweet tart rectangle."

Light bulb goes off--about two months ago we had Pomegranite organic "pop tarts" that had sprinkles on them. That is what he is remembering.

I told him I knew what he was talking about and after we all got dressed and baby P got here we could go to the grocery and look for them. He was such an angel all morning--got dressed with no fuss and he wasn't even annoying about the grocery. I think he asked about twice to go. We went and he found them and was on cloud nine.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pay It Forward

OK--so my friend Bethany over at Vermillion Rules is hosting a giveaway and wants us to Pay it Forward. I am getting something wonderful and handmade from her and she wants me to pay it forward to 3 people. Something I am more than happy to do. What do you need to do to get something fabulous and wonderful from me?

1) Leave a Comment on this post saying that you want to participate
2) I will pick 3 people from those that leave comments (via a random number generator if there are more than 3 comments)
3) If you are one of the 3 I will need your mailing address. You can email it to me at cdenton_80 at yahoo dot com
4) Pass it forward to 3 people. You don't have to make something handmade but you must do something nice for 3 people--take cookies to your neighbor, go talk to some residents in a nursing home or something!

Please consider doing this!! The world can use more niceness!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Funny Stuff and Notes for the Scrapbook

Now that family is in town some of my friends wondered why I do the blog. IT is for the scrapbook. I blog about funny stuff that I am likely to forget so that next month or in a couple of months when I get to this point in my scrapbook journaling, I have a record. It is so nice to have a date stamp on my memories!! Blogging is so fast too.

This morning started out way too early--4:30--with a screaming toddler. He just wanted to be awake. By the time we let him get up (at 6:45 with his alarm) he was all grins and giggles. Since I'd been up with Lyddie from 1-2:30 I wasn't all grins and giggles. So what did I do? Make coffee and lots of it. I doctored it up with enough sugar and milk to make it palatable and then got engrossed in changing a diaper. I came back and it was gone. Where? Into my precious insomniac of a toddler. UGH! Caffeinated toddler!

Thank goodness it seems to have worn off.

Lydia is going through some kind of growth spurt or something. Today for lunch she ate 1 whole banana, 10 shredded wheats, 1.5 ounce yogurt, 1 slice cheese toast, 4 baby doodles, some juice in a sippy cup and drank 6 ounces of milk. Where the heck did she put it all?? She kept signing more and eating more. I wasn't even going to give her the milk but after 20 minutes of her fussing around upstairs at naptime I went up and she asked for it. How on earth can she hold it??

Overheard while EJ and Lydia were playing house:
"I'm going to work now sweetie. Call me if you need anything."

Monday, March 02, 2009

The PiggyTail Debut!

Yes that's right! I managed to scrape enough hair up for two paintbrush piggy tails! My efforts were well recieved by almost everyone who saw her on Sunday--though there was one deacon who I wanted to smack when he asked if they were her "devil horns."