Monday, June 29, 2009

My Little Whizzer

This morning Lydia walked into the bathroom where Elijah was washing his hands. Nomrally I try and keep her out of the bathroom since her favorite thing to do is throw things (cell phone etc.) or dunk things (her lovey and her hands) in the toilet. This time though she started saying "pee pee pee pee" so I asked if she had to pee pee and she kept saying it. I took off her diaper and ploped her down (figuring she couldn't play in the toilet if she was sitting on it). I proceeded to clean up the mess from EJ washing his hands off and she peed. She was so proud of herself. She asked to pee again before her nap and voila--success again. Maybe my kids don't sleep but they sure don't like diapers either!! EJ was out of them at 19 months, could my 15 month old little girl be far behind???

Not Me Monday

Whew it hasn't been a busy week at all! We just sat around all week and didn't do a thing. NOT! It's been a fun week but attitudes have run high as sleep has been low on our children'ts priority list.

I didn't just leave my baby in her crib the ENTIRE naptime even though she wasn't sleeping several afternoons this week. I didn't turn off the monitor so I didn't have to hear her fuss about it. What kind of cruel mommy would do that. I also didn't secretly curse the roofing crew next door every time they hammered away at our neighbors house--its not their fault my kids won't sleep through that.

I also didn't leave the spray park in Rocky Mount on Thursday because my oldest child was being a tantrumy mess. Nope--I just put up with that kind of attitude in hopes of encouraging its regularity. I also didn't cringe when the mom (who was letting her one year old drink a Dr. Pepper) said that she couldn't believe I was leaving when he was just being a little bad since I'd driven all the way out there.

I didn't, in hopes of tiring out my wonderful children, take them to the pool several days this past week and let them swim and swim and swim. I also didn't let Lydia swim under the water and freak out the other mothers. Nope--not me! I also didn't secretly enjoy watching the other mother's cringe when my 15 month old dunked herself and swam to the steps, coming up with a huge smile on her face.

I also didn't dance a small dance of joy when my parents offered to keep both children overnight on Friday night. I love my kids and want them with me every minute :) I didn't clean my house, scrub the floors and showers and baths, organize closets, clean out from under the beds and more when I should have been using that time to rest and recharge. No--I am a super lazy bones and I just laid around eating chocolate and watching movies. I also didn't tell my husband to get out of the house and do yardwork so he was out of my way. Nope--not me.

Yesterday, we didn't leave church early in hopes of napping the children before the annual family reunion. Where would that put our priorities?? We also didn't push the kids way past their limits when said children didn't nap and we took them to the reunion anyway. We really enjoyed the scortching heat for two hours and I had a blast peddling the paddle boat around the lake. Elijah and Lydia didn't enjoy the smallest baby pool on the planet with their cousin Bradley--I mean water on a hot day--where the fun in that :)

After the reunion we didn't come home, change clothes and then head over to my parents house to cookout with my cousins from Florida and their new baby girl Callie. No--that would have been insane with exhausted, hot children who hadn't napped. I also didn't secretly turn green with envy when I heard that Callie was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks and has been ever since. Nope--not me--I really enjoy spending time with my kiddos around the clock and getting up 5 times a night is the best thing for me I am sure. I hope they never sleep through the night so I can enjoy this special time until they leave for college. Sleep is for wimps!

I am also so not glad its Monday. I hate getting the kiddos back on routine and being able to rely on a good afternoon nap to get me through the day. I love to just fly by the seat of my pants have have grumpy irratable children who won't sleep--don't you?

Friday, June 26, 2009

EJ Bday

Per my father's request the list has now been "prioritized" to show what EJ wants the most at the top.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimmin' Fools

My kids are water babies. I do NOT have any pictures and I won't have any pictures until I can get an extra set or two of hands to help me at the pool.

Elijah now only wants to be in the big pool swimming to me off the stairs. He does his swimming arms and kicks and he can make it about 7 or 8 feet. He is so proud! I can't believe how well he can hold his breath.

Lydia, after about a week of watching Elijah, decided that going under looked like a LOT of fun so she is going under on purpose too. The only problem is that she can't get herself back up. She only wants to be in the baby pool so that she can walk around, dunk under and wait for me to pull her up. She comes up grinning. I can't take my eyes off of her for one second because she is constantly dunking herself.

Yesterday we were at the pool for an hour and a half and she was really crabby because of not sleeping well. I let her play in the baby pool for 5 minutes, then I would play with Elijah in the big pool and just hold her for 5 minutes. She was screaming because she wanted to go under and swim to the stairs like he was doing. I let her do it a couple of times but some of the other moms freaked out so I stopped. She was FINE--happy and smiling--but something about pushing a 15 month old under the water made the other moms nervous. I caved to the peer pressure :)

Thankfully, one of the other moms took pity on me and held her and fed her large amounts of snack on a chair while I devoted about 15 minutes to Elijah alone. After that he was pretty much content to play in the baby pool with his sister.

It was a good morning but tiring. I tired water aerobics at the YMCA and the 1 hour class was no match for my time at the pool with the kiddos. I am WAY more tired after keeping the two of them safe at the pool :) I guess I will just stick with my recumbant bike and weights.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mamen to God

Lydia started making her "prayer hands" with us at meals and bedtime. Not sure why this one took so long for her to do, but it is precious now that she is doing it. This morning she put her little hands together and said "Mamen to God" before eating her banana and yogurt. It was cute beyond words. I hope I can get her on video saying it. She did it again before snack this morning--sitting on the floor in the playroom. She pointed at her brother and said it twice so that he would pray too. Way to witness sweetie!!

She's been saying "Mamen" with us for a while now, but now she is praying independently. Good habits start young!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We had a nice Father's Day at home with just the family. We decided to celebrate today since Sunday's are such a busy day for us with rehersal at church at 8am, not getting home until after noon and the kids being crabby and tired.

We started off the morning with bacon, biscuits and grits. YUM! Hubby was happy with his breakfast. Elijah presented daddy with his Spiderman Father's day card (Elijah is VERY into Spiderman so it was a big compliment) and we gave daddy his present--a hedge trimmer. Very macho gift if you ask me. Unfortunatly the batteries were dead in the camera this morning so I didn't get any pictures.

After breakfast we headed out to the Wilson Farmer's Market. It isn't huge, but it has good stuff. We got tomatoes and cucumbers for me (I am SERIOUSLY craving cucumbers and tomatoes so if you have any to spare send them my way. I am limiting myself to one of each daily but I could easily consumer 5 or 6 a day if we had the finacial means to fund my "habit"). We also got green beans, corn, squash and zucchini. We had some cucumbers, squash, zucchini and corn for dinner tonight. YUM!

After an altogether too brief nap we headed outside to enjoy this STEAMY day. Can you believe it was in the upper 90's??? Whew!! Justin had filled the kids baby pool at lunch so it was a wonderful temperature to play in all afternoon. We played and grilled out. Elijah had fun making and "painting" the kabobs with marinade but he wouldn't eat them. Both kids loved the corn on the grill. The steaks were delish--Lawry's Hawaiian marinade is my new favorite. YUM! We sugared the kids up on S'mores. It was Lydia's first one--I think she liked it :)

Now it is 7pm, Lydia is messing around in her crib but Elijah is already out. He played hard! She played hard too but she is on a month long sleep strike we're hoping will end soon. She only napped 45 minutes all day and has been up since 5am so she is just stubborn!! Anyway--Justin is out enjoying his new toy and I am blogging to put off the inevitable task of cleaning up the kitchen and hosing off the porch. S'mores are really messy!!

All in all a very good Father's Day. Love you sweetie!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bad Hair Day

After a morning treatment of banana "conditioner" and a nap with a lovey around her head Lydia was sporting this 'do when we went to the pool this afternoon. Thankfully she dunked herself and it calmed down. Whew! Look at those curls!


I love naptime. I think I will truly mourn when Elijah gives up his nap. Right now it is my few moments of peace during the day. I went upstairs yesterday and was greeted with the following:

He can get UNDRESSED by himself at least--we're halfway to the summer goal of undressing and dressing himself.

Maybe THIS is why she isn't napping well. Trapping one arm and both legs in the crib slats can't be comfortable can it??

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spray Park Part Two and an Update

Didn't get any pictures (though another mom was snapping away and actually took one of me so I might have a picture of myself to share for a change). The Spray Park was awesome yet again and we had no injuries this time!! Elijah ran around so much though that he ran holes in his swimming socks! I couldn't believe it. So much for quality--they are Speedo's but I guess he is just too much boy to handle :) He is sacked out upstairs. He tired himself out good fashioned.

I though Lydia would be tired too, she was up from 2am-12pm without a nap, but she only napped an hour and has been up there messing around since. I don't know what her problem is lately but I am ready for it to end!! She is currently sleeping from 7ish-2am and then 1-2pm. That's it. No matter how much I lay her down or let her fuss she will not nap more during the day or sleep at night. She'll just mess around in her dark room and keep herself awake. I am longing for a swaddle blanket that won't make her sweat to death and that she can't wriggle out of--maybe immobility would be boring enough that she'd sleep :)

I am not sure what we're going to do for dinners the next couple of days. We were supposed to be on our anniversary trip to Banner Elk resort but our reservation was never confirmed so we aren't going. It is a long and horrible story about how terrible customer service is. Needless to say we were disappointed that our getaway didn't happen and now I am scrambling for dinner ideas. I am not really keen on dragging the kiddos to the grocery store but we don't have much in the pantry or the freezer to draw from . . . if you would like to bring us a meal we will happily accept anything except chicken--Justin doesn't eat chicken. Strike that--if you want to bring us a meal bring it on, Justin can eat a peanut butter sandwich if he doesn't like it :)

Baby Denton #3 is shaping up to be a boy by my guesses. Apparantly it hasn't gotten the memo that the morning sickness should a) only be in the morining and b) end after the first trimester. I've got 1 day left in my first trimester and I am getting sicker and sicker. Reminds me of the unrelenting nausea I had with Elijah. It will be nice to have another boy though--we can't seem to agree on a girl name but we already have a boy name picked from Lyddie's pregnancy. Elijah really freaked this morning when I couldn't stop throwing up long enough to talk with him. It was about 15 minutes of me sick. He kept coming in and yelling at the baby to stop kicking my stomach so I would stop throwing up. It was cute. Later he asked me how I was going to put the baby on time out for kicking me and making me sick. Too cute and such a man of justice!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

our daughter

. . . really enjoyed her baked ziti at lunch today. As I was coming back in the room I heard Elijah say:
"I am laughing at her 'cause her's a saucy baby!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little Artwork

We took the kids outside to paint--I have learned the hard way that if they want to paint on their easel that they need to be outside. Walking kids with paintbrushes means paint on my fridge and walls and . . .

Anyway--Elijah painted two pumpkins--a orange and green one on the bottom and a green one up top. He actually said that he was going to paint a pumpkin and did it. I was pretty impressed. He is very excited because he has a pumpkin growing in the garden. Its about the size of a large cantalope at this point. It should be HUGE by Halloween time.

Lydia mainly had fun dipping her brush in the paint and trying to taste it. She did manage to get quite a bit on her painting though. She liked the different colors and said "ohhhhh" when she would paint and the color would be different. Very cute.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pool Rules!

We took the kids to the pool today. Elijah was thrilled that his daddy was there to see him swim. I enjoyed the opportunity to actually go under and jump off the diving board since I had an extra pair of hands to hold a munchkin. It was a blast. We were there almost 2 hours until Elijah announced that he was out of energy and wanted to go home and eat.

In true little sister fashion, after watching Elijah go under again and again, Lydia decided she too was going to go under and proceeded to dunk herself numerous times. She hasn't got the whole holding her breath thing down yet so she drank a lot of water, but she didn't get fussy and kept dipping back in for more. Its killing her to not be able to do it like Elijah can but I bet she'll be swimming under the water by the end of the summer--especially if we keep averaging three times a week at the pool.

EJ loved jumping into the baby pool. He'll also jump into the shallow 2 ft. deep part and "swim" to the ladder to climb out.
Lyddie laughing at daddy. He was trying to teach her to blow bubbles out when she went under. She thought it was funny he kept going under.

Here's a video of the little mister swimming over and under daddy's legs. He's got the breath holding thing down pat!

And no--in case you are wondering--we don't use any kind of floatation device with the kiddos. We took baby survival swimming and it advises not allowing your kid to get used to water wings or other floaties until they ALREADY know how to swim. It gives them a false sense of security around the pool and you are tempted to be less cautious. I know this is true because there are tons of kids at the pool that are Elijah's age swimming ALONE in water over their heads because their parents have water wings on them. I prefer to have my hands on them at all times and let Elijah realize the hard way that he has to stay in shallow water or learn to swim. Its a lot harder on me but my kid is way farther along than 90% of the other 3 year olds that I see swimming. He is great at holding his breath, he can swim to the side and kick off the bottom if he falls in and he knows how to get to the ladder.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spray Park

The Spray Park in RM was AWESOME!! How did I not know about this before now? Elijah ran around and had a blast. He jumped right in with no hesistation. He later told me it felt like the water had ice cubes in it (it was cold) but that is was "free-freshing feeling on such a hot mugsy day." My 2 year old--using words like refreshing and muggy--what a hoot!
Lydia wasn't so sure about it at first so I went in with her. That was funny because I was in my clothes. We went straight from the OB's office so I didn't have a place to change into my bathing suit. I was soaked by the time we left but it was fun and cooled me off--ahh refreshing! Lydia coudn't figure out why they would turn on and off and she would be looking down at the off sprayer and it would start up and scare her. She got braver and braver though and she was good and soaked by the time we left.
I didn't get many pictures because it was spraying everywhere and I didn't want to break my camera. Besides that, you have to see the kids in action to really appreciate it. Elijah was just screaming and running and having a total blast!

Right before we left--with one minute left to go--Elijah went to go and jump in a sprayer, lost his footing (even with NONSLIP WATER SOCKS!) and smacked the back of his head on the concrete. He didn't lost consciousness, his eyes are equal and reactive, he isn't nauseous and is feeling fine except when you touch it. I watched him like a hawk for the past two hours and he seems fine. Here are some shots of the bump once we got home.
Side shot:

From the rear--see it on the left of his head?? Its huge!
Pray for the little guy. He's napping now and I gave him some Tylenol and put arnica on the bump to help with the swelling.
Can't wait until next week and the week after and the week after . . . .I am so glad we get to go all summer!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Little Update

Whew--has it really been a week since I blogged?? Wow! With EJ out of preschool and my renewed effort to have the TV on for less than an hour a day I haven't had much time on my hands. We have baby pooled it, played outside, discovered the joys of Playdough, made a volcano out of baking soda and vinegar, cooked, made a butterfly cake for Grandmama's birthday on Saturday and a cookie cake for Uncle Cody's birthday tonight and read our books from the library. I am loving having my little boy back full time!! We are having a blast.

We went to the pool for the first time yesterday. Despite waiting until mid-June, the water was frigid! The kids braved it though and enjoyed their purple lipped selves. We stayed almost 2 hours. I don't know who was more tired-me or them! They both fell asleep at 7 and I was out by 9. I didn't take the camera because I had enough to pack without it! Snacks, towels, change of clothes, toys . . . whew!! It was fun though and now that the bag is packed we're set!

I don't think I've taken pictures in a week--highly unusual but we've been so busy! Maybe tonight at the party for Uncle Cody but probably not. I have to leave mid-party to teach my cake class at the tech so I probably won't even remember to take the camera :)

Well--both kiddos are down, the cake is decorated, the blog is updated and I am tired! We went to the park before the gym, then to the gym, then made the cookie then had lunch with great-grandmama already today. That's a lot with two little munchies. Hopefully well all get a good nap and have our "sleep-energy" to go to Uncle Cody's bash tongiht. BBQ ribs here I come!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Splish Splash

The two bedrooms thing worked out great--both kids slept all night. That means I slept all night. I actually woke up at 2 to go to the bathroom and almost squished Justin when I got back into bed--I didn't wake up when he came to bed and it was a shock to find him there. It was such a welcome relief after 9 nights of torture.

Anyway--we had tons of energy today so I tired the kids out in the baby pool. What a blast!! I don't have editing for the photos on the computer so if you want to see them bigger just click on the picture. The kids faces in some of these are just priceless. Lyddie didn't mind being splashed at all. She kept trying to copy Elijah when he went under except that she didn't hold her breath very well so she ended up drinking 1/2 the pool I think. She shook it off though and kept going back for more--that's my girl!

Mid-jump--Lyddie is smiling and flinching at the same time in expectation of the huge splash. What was EJ doing?

Monday, June 01, 2009

Raising the White Flag

After a week of absolutely horrid nights we have decided that the kids are simply not ready to share a room. It has been miserable for us and for them. They had been getting up at 2 or 3 am most nights and being extreemly cranky all day. I couldn't take it! I think we will try again when Lyddie is about 19 months old (October-ish). We'll be over the new school routine with Elijah and hopefully she will have more language then and understand that bedtime is not screaming time, throwing time, standing time, jumping time or kicking time. And that when we say "shhhh" we aren't playing a game with her and she shouldn't make her car noise back at us.