Friday, July 31, 2009

Actually Specifically

Elijah informed me today, when he woke up from a VERY short nap that:
"I'm awake. Specifically, my brain told me it was time to wake up."

He also told no one in particular this morning while he was playing in the playroom that:
"I'm actually a very good boy most of the time. I just have my grouchy moments."

Lydia continues to tell me when she needs to pee in the toilet when we're at home and she is starting to make some more sentances too.

Yesterday she brought me my shoes and said:
"Outside. Pool. Beep Beep. Let's go!!" (Beep Beep is Lyddie speak for my car)

Today she told me:
"Mama. I NEED snack. Please eat snack mama." and "No mama. I do it!" and "I kick it DOOOOOWNS!!" When she kicked over a block tower. Too funny!

1 ... 2...3...Jump!

Elijah is swimming wonderfully. He is jumping in solo and swimming to the ladder. He can go under and push off the bottom when he's in just a bit over his head to get a breath. I feel like if he fell in by accident he would at least know enough to come up and scream and get to the side--that was my goal for him for the summer. He can't wait until tomorrow to go swimming with daddy and show off his jumping. He is also eager to jump off the diving board with his vest on. We'll see if he chickens out when faced with the prospect of actually doing it :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Curly Sue and a Crafter Too!

Wow! What a busy day--I feel like I did a weeks worth of activities in one day--is this what life without napping is going to be like?? A super grumpy boy that I must constantly keep busy to avoid a meltdown?? I hope not!!

Today we:
  • went to the gym and the kids played at childwatch
  • went to PetSmart to see the animals
  • made dinosaur eggs for Elijah's party--they have to dry at least a week so they will explode when you throw them against the driveway
  • went through the crayon box and got all the broken crayons and put them in muffin cups and made rainbow muffin crayons
  • crafted (with Elijah) for almost 2 hours while Lyddie napped--cleaned the kitchen and straightened up while he crafted solo for a little while
  • played computer games with Elijah after scraping the pounds of glitter and glue off of Elijah's hands
  • colored (with both children)--printouts from Playhouse Disney for the little man, scrap paper for the little miss
  • cut the dino mask out of the cereal box to play with
  • read a ton of stories--Go Dogs Go anyone?
  • survived a grouchy boy refusing to apologize for decking his sister--30 minute time out (because I told him he could sit there until he was ready to apologize) followed by a spanking for spitting in my face :(
  • went to granny and grampys for dinner
  • Elijah took a 30 minute "motorcycle ride" around the neighborhood on his hotwheels with Grampy while Lyddie was in the car-stroller with Granny

Whew! Sometimes I feel like I should just be a slacker mom and put on a video but then I remember that Lydia delights in making her brother scream by turning on and off the TV and Elijah delights in jumping from the couch to the chair to the table while the TV is on and realize that a video does not grant me any peace! Maybe next year they will sit quietly and watch a video--then again, knowing my kids, maybe not!

Monday, July 27, 2009

P is for . . .

Potty, Pee-Pee, Peeeeeeeeeese, and pearplane (airplane).

Lydia has been refusing a diaper most afternoons after her nap. If I put one on her, she takes it off. That's fine since we're around the house for the most part but frustrating if we want to go somewhere. She is really good about going to the bathroom and saying pee-pee before she goes. We had one accident today during dinner when she was distracted shoveling the HUGE amounts of food that she ate into her mouth (1.5 eggrolls, watermelon, noodles, milk and graham crackers). I can't believe she is going to potty train--I mean I am happy but sad too. I was really enjoying Elijah's complete independence when it comes to the bathroom. He's been doing great about 2 months. Now I have to go back to reminders every hour and making sure she's peed before we get in the car . . .

I think we are going to try and force her to wait to do most of the training until after the beach in 2 weeks. I just don't want to mess with it while we're on vacation. After that, I guess I will let her have at it and just put her in a diaper when she's at childwatch at the gym. It would be nice to only have one in diapers come January :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


**UPDATE: The kiddos got home and by the time they got here I had changed the sheets on all the beds, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned all the bathrooms and straightened up!**

I love being productive! I got so much done this weekend and feel good about it. I have just a few more things on my to do list before the kiddos come home this afternoon but here is what I have already done:

-Organized EJ's crafting stuff
-Organized the kids toys and did a "toy swap"--I genenrally only have 1/2 the toys out at once so I can swap them every couple of weeks.
-Went through all our bookcases and culled out the books we don't read--donated non-Christian stuff to Goodwill and Christian stuff to church
-Organized my sewing cabinet
-Organized the computer cabinet
-Organized all my cake stuff in the garage
-Organized all the swimming/pool/ocean and bathing suit stuff in the garage
-Got my maternity stuff out of the attic--I hate maternity clothes but some of my shorts are starting to get tight.
-Went through some of the kitchen cabinets to get out what we don't use.
-Hung the blackout shades in the kid's rooms
-Cleaned the kitchen
-Made laundry detergent--enough for 3 months or so
-Made one batch of dinosaur eggs for EJ's party--I'll need to make another 2 batches to have enough eggs.
-Got my stuff at Harris Teeter with their "super-doubles"

All that AND I went to the Sunday School Party last night and fellowshipped from 4 until 9pm. Ahhh--sleep=energy and I had lots of both this weekend.

Now to clean the bathrooms, replace the broken toilet seat (which Justin is at Lowes getting now) and vacuum.

The kids were supposed to be home at noon but granny called and said they were late leaving and they won't be here until 3:30 or so--that gives me another hour and a half to work!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Swim lessons are over and the kids are headed to the beach with granny and grampy to try out their new skills. Justin and I have a kid free weekend. Ahhh the joyful anticipation of two full nights of sleep! Of course my to do list is HUGE but it is so nice to get a ton accomplished and just sit back and marvel at my motivation. I would feel so awful if I "wasted" a whole weekend and didn't accomplish any of our projects.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh the Funny things they say!

Lydia: "Stuck mommy--get out--pleeeeeeeeeese" (on being strapped in the high chair)

Elijah: "Hold on mommy, I am having a brain storm and then I will have a really good idea where we can go to have fun today." (In response to my question: What would you like to do today?)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh Baby

Whew--things are different this go round. We are going with an OB care and actually going to get an ultrasound far enough into the pregnancy to know what we're having. Since I can read ultrasounds the odds of my NOT seeing what our child is is pretty slim. So, chances are we ARE going to find out what we're having. Here's our dilemma--we used up our names on the two kids we have already! We're looking for names for a boy and a girl--we don't want to just keep calling this one "the baby" especially if we know what it is. We're open for suggestions but here are a couple of names we kinda like--feedback???





We want to go with a biblical name since we already have an Elijah James and a Lydia Grace. I kinda like Nathaniel Andrew Denton and Rebekah Noelle Denton but Justin isn't so sure. At least we have moved past his "favorites" of Agnes and Jedediah :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Windows and More!

We got our new windows and new doors! I am so excited! They are insulated, all of them open, none are painted shut. We have screens in every window and the 4-in child locks on all of them too. They tilt in to be cleaned and open from the top and from the bottom. The new back sliding door is wonderful too! It slides so smoothly, has three locks and a screen with no dog hole in it! The front door is wonderful--it actually closed without pulling. It has a lock on it and it has a foot controlled thing that lets you prop it open if your hands are full.

We also have been getting a lot out of our garden. Lyddie and I dug potatoes on Wednesday. Yesterday we got our first ripe romas off the vine (and ate all of them for dinner!). The blackberries are almost all gone but the grapes are just starting to get ripe. It has been great--we've gone from strawberries to blackberries to grapes. The kids love going back there and grazing. We also picked our volunteer pumpkins yesterday in hopes that some of the little green ones on the vine might get bigger and ripen closer to halloween. Elijah freaked at the though of carving the pumpkins so we painted them instead.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let the Banging Begin!

Wow!! Today we start getting our new vinyl replacement windows. I am so excited!! I will actually have windows I can open and don't leak air! It is going to be a loud, long, napless day for us but I am sure it will be worth it. I took "before" shots this morning and will post them and the "afters" hopefully tomorrow when we have them. I can't wait! We are also getting a new back and front storm door. I am really excited about the back door because our old one has a torn screen where the dog escaped one day and I can't leave the screen up because the kids mess with the ragged screen and cut their hands. Now we'll have a screen door to enjoy cool mornings and evenings. Ahhhh....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swim Lessons

Elijah is doing great in swim lessons. I can't wait to see what he will have accomplished by the end of next week. Here are some shots from today's class.

Gettin' a Crafty Groove on!

Last night I took 45 minutes and made up the 8 invitations I needed for Elijah's 3rd birthday party. I love handmaking the invites--I figure it will only be a matter of time before homemade invites are "stupid" so I am taking full advantage of it while I can.

Elijah has decided he wants a dinosaur birthday party so I made little dinosaur invites out of cardstock paper. I think they turned out adorable!!

I put all the bday party information in the mouth.

I took two ovals of green paper and folded one in half. I glued the top half to the bottom oval and sandwiched the purple horn in between. Then I opened the mouth and glued a red oval to make a mouth. Some little white ovals for the eyes and six little teeth and some black marker accents and voila! Dino invites!!

Here is the finished product (minus the party information). I thought I was pretty clever since I didn't even do an internet search for inspiration or anything. It was really fun to do!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beach Bums

This week the kiddos and I headed to "Granny's New Beach House" Wednesday and we got back today. It was fun and the kids slept better than I was expecting. Lydia actually slept through the night in the first time in over a month--I guess wind and surf tired her out. Now that we are back home I am hoping the trend will continue.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


We had a playdate with one of Elijah's preschool buddies today. I really like playdates--especially at someone ELSE's house. I strive to be one of those cool mom's that love to have people over but I am a stressy mom. I *think* I appear cool and laid back and like I don't care when EVERY toy is on the floor and the kids are all screaming, but I am not. I am constantly thinking about what the other mom is thinking about me--"Gosh these kids are spoiled, Gosh these kids have WAY too many toys, She lets them eat WHAT?" you know. I am sure I judge myself much more harshly than any other mother ever would.

That brings me to the wonderful playdate that we had this morning. This is a cool mom that disciplines her children and they listen to her. It is nice that she is so even keeled (at least while we are there) and consisitant with her kids. You can tell they know the rules and know what to expect. She always surprises me with the delicious lunches she just pulls together. Last time she made the most delicious black bean and corn salsa, this time she treated me to roasted veggie tortilla pizzas. Elijah was in heaven with Spinach leaves and italian dressing and almonds. I love going over and having playdates because I LOVE to get ideas from other mothers. I tend not to think negative stuff at all (which is good) but just marvel at the differences. For example, how a certain technique she uses works to get her kids to obey. The things that her slightly older son can do that Elijah hasn't mastered yet. Stuff like that.

I also really had a good time because although my son was acting like a twerp and fighting and crying and throwing fits she was still smiling and telling me that she hopes we can get together again soon.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Red White and Cute!

Went to the farmer's market yesterday with my little "Farmer" all decked out for the 4th. I think she was the cutest thing out there.

The 4th was fun. We hung out in the yard, filled the baby pool, enjoyed burgers on the grill and had our own "fireworks" (just sparklers--but the kids were impressed).

Today, she was sportin the red white and blue again, as was our little man. Both kiddos were grouchy this morning but Elijah perked up when we told him he could wear "shark hair" to church. Check out that mohawk!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Splish Spash I was Havin' a Blast!!!

The kids had a blast this morning at the spray park. Last week's leaving made them appreciate this week all the more. Elijah was very obedient and in a great mood the whole time. I was in a great mood because it was actually a pretty good night and because I stopped at McDonalds and got an Iced Latte with Vanilla Syrup--delicious!! I could drink one of those every morning with no problem :) Lydia wanted nothing to do with me today. I kept a close eye on her but I didn't even have to take off my coverup--she was so independent. It was wonderful watching her-absolutely no fear whatsoever!! Don't let their expressions fool you--they had a great time. They just make that funny face when they are holding their breath.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Precious Blessings

As I am sitting here frustrated at the lack of sleep in general and lack of napping going on right now--I thought I would list some of the things I absolutely love about my children in hopes of improving my mood and attitude, because really, apart from the not sleeping, my children are wonderful and I love them and they are my precious gifts from God.

  • I love how he comes and sniffs me when I am wearing sunscreen and tells me I smell good "like a smoothie"
  • I love how he will just out of the blue thank me for cooking his food and his supper and tell me it is delicious--even when we're having something he doesn't like.
  • I love how he calls his sister "diaper baby" and "sweetie" and "mama's precious angel"
  • I love how he will dip his sissy's french fries for her, tell her not to cry, run get her lovey if she's upset and generally act like a wonderful brother without me saying anything.
  • I love how he still says "bazzert" for dessert
  • I think he's hilarious when he spends 15 minutes rolling out his daddy cookies with his rolling pin and then cooks daddy in the couch oven and won't let him move.
  • I love how, when a lady at church was talking with him and asked him what he was (looking for the answer "little boy" or "person" because they'd been talking about animals) he said: "I am mommy's precious gift from God."


  • I love "mamen" as soon as she sits down because she hopes the food will come faster
  • I love her dinosaur roar and her doggy "oof", how she says "shishies" for fish and "douche" for juice
  • I love how today in the back seat she kept calling me daddy and I corrected her and she said "mommy-luv 'do" and then blew me a kiss
  • I love when she will just go up to her "bra bra" and lay her head in his lap and give him a hug. I especially love it when he hugs her back and kisses the top of her head. Can anything make a mom feel more wonderful than that??!!
  • I love how she will march around with her little arms pumping and then flap them and waddle when she "dances"
  • I love it when she's proud of herself and she says "Die did it ta-daaaaaaaa" and puts her arms in the air like a touchdown.

Simply Scrumptions Spinach Pancakes

I made breakfast for dinner last night and everyone (except me and Baby Denton #3) enjoyed it very much! Elijah ate like I hadn't fed him in a year! He consumed 5 pancakes, 3 slices of bacon, hash browns and 2 big slices of cantalope. Lydia ate 3 pieces of cantalope, 1 slice of bacon, hash browns and one pancake. Justin ate a ton of pancakes and his body weight in hash browns. All in all a wonderful dinner :)

That brings me to the pancakes--my kids don't really like the bisquick pancakes you can make. Too much like bread I guess--they don't like bread. A couple of weeks ago MckMama (See My Charming Kids' Blog link) posted her Spinach pancake recipe. I decided we were going to try it. We had some spinach left over from mega salads a few nights ago. Here is the recipe we used--they were beyond delicious!

Simply Scrumptious Spinach Pancakes

Makes about 12 five inch pancakes

1 C pancake mix (Bisquicks, Bob's Red Mill--whatever)
3Tbsp Honey
2 Tbsp Flax Seed Meal (optional--this is great for Omega 3s)
2 eggs
1 cup fresh spinach finely chopped (I used my pampered chef chopper but a food processor would also work)
1/2 C Sour cream
Milk to thin out the batter to the right pancake consistancy

Mix everything and cook like you would normal pancakes.

You can't taste the spinach I promise. The sour cream adds a nice twang. We served it with real maple syrup from Trader Joes--100% maple--Mmmmmmmmm.

Elijah was thrilled with his "twangy pancakes with green sprinkles."