Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sayings today . . .

Mama: Don't put your feet in Bethy's face.
Elijah: Her likes my toes.
Mama: Don't make the baby suck your toes.
Elijah: Her likes sucking my toes and it feels AWESOME!

Ugh--wrong on so many levels.
Might need to plan on getting a van sooner rather than later since both kids had their feet in Bethy's face when we pulled into the garage.

Lydia also came up with a little song--sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle little start about a hundred times a day . . ."Twinkle twinkle little baby . . . how I wonder what you gravy!"

Monday, December 27, 2010

Talking talking talking

OK--With one week before her birthday I fear I may have to bail on Bethy's word list. She is talking up a storm here lately. Today she said: bacon, snowman, Ariel (as in little mermaid), tea, party and much more. Its amazing. She seems to finally have connected that EVERYTHING has a name and she can say it! She mimics and talks and its just wonderful.
I can't believe in one week I will have a one year old.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby Santa

One of the things I love the most about Christmas is that I don't have to listen to Wiggles or Raffi in the car for a whole month! I've got my old Mickey tapes of Chistmas music and a CD of all sorts of classics. The season started out with Feliz Navidad being the kids' favorite==only it was "Police Naughty Dog" that slowly morphed into "Please Mobidot" and now it is "Police Mommy-dot"

Lydia has a new favorite--Santa Baby. Only she calls it "Baby Santa song" She is not very good with the lyrics but she was humming along and said: "I don't want Chex in my stocking-I want candy." You know because the lyrics say--fill my stocking with a duplex and checks. I thought it was funny. She also told Bethany the other day when she was wearing a red outfit and her santa hat that "I been an awful good girl this year and I got to mention one little thing--my ring-not calling me on the phone."


Its happened--Bethany has officially started walking. Two days ago she stopped crawling for the most part and started walking around. Yesterday at the museum she was all over the place.

No more babies in this house!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little update on us . . .

Wow--I had no idea I could be this busy! Three kids, Arbonne parties and orders and deliveries, turning 30, Christmas Theater . . . the list goes on and on.

I had a great 30th birthday. My mom and Justin planned a surprise party for me and Justin even missed Christmas Theater to come out and be a part of it. The best present is the netbook he got me--I am actually in my bedroom now blogging! I also absolutely LOVE LOVE the cabinet my parents got for me. IT is an antique and I now have a place to store my bread machine and mixer and stones. It is wonderful not to have to wach them every time I want to use them--they used to be in the outside garage.

Christmas Theater was a huge success this year. It was time consuming as always but Justin had a good time and the production ws very funny.

The children had their little program last night and they both got up and sang. I had to stay home with a teething, grouchy baby but Justin wen tiwht them and Granny and Grampy and NAna and PApa were able to go. Lydia stood up there and rang her bell and did her little movements all while clutching her lovey. Elijah was also obedient and did his little part of the program. I was surprised at how well they did.

Elijah had his 4 year old checkup last week. He had to get 3 shots and his blood drawn. We were worried he mightbe anemic. It was absolutely hilarious to watch him get a blood draw. We walked in to get "labs" because it was already after the shots and I didn't want him freaking before he had to. He saw the chair with the little dop arm on it and shouted "Mom! They're going to blood me!!" The nurse went to go get anothe rnurse to help hold him because she could just tell he was going to freak and freak he did. He was screaming and trashing. He held still when I told him they would have to stick him again if he moved. He was just screaming then he started threatening: "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy--come save me and beat these ladies up!" After they were done he looked at the nurse and said :" My daddy is going to hear about this and come back and punch you." I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud. He survived though and there is nothing wrong with him at all.

Lydia started having a paci again at night. I feel very conflicted about this. She has been without one for months now but the nap went with it. A little friend of hers at school sucks his thumb and she started this past weekend. I couldn't get her to stop and her teeth already started to move. After talking with Justin we decided to just give the paci back in hopes of knocking out the thumb sucking. IT is working so far. I just hate hate that she is going to have to give it up again. It was so horrible the first time.

Bethy is cutting her molars and she is telling the whole world about it. Its awful. She is fussy all night long. Thankfuly her pleasant disposition prevails during her waking hours. She is just a delight and so easy to be around most of the time.

Bethy is walking more and more. I don't really count it as walking until they prefer to walk adn can just take off. She is still just stepping--though she can do upwards of 15 steps now. She says "uh-oh" and gives the best hugs and goes "mmm-mmm" when she hugs you. She blows kisses and gives high fives. She is so sweet!

We have been busy with playdates. We had a bag decorating party for Arbonne a week ago and then today had a shirt party. I got 20 shirts and sewed trees on them and then the kids decorated them with paint and sequins. It is one of those crafts that I think is going to take a while and its over in 5 minutes!! We had so many kids though that we took it in shifts and it was fun. The playdate was crazy but thankfully my kids are great at sharing and we didn't have any squabbles about "MINE!"

This past Saturday we had our pseudo-Christmas with my mom and dad. It was WONDERFUL!! Friday night the olders went over and went ont he horse drawn carriage ride twice and then had a sleepover party. Justin, Beth and I got over there at about 9am. We spent the whole day there and got home about 7pm. Justin and I ran a quick errand during nap time but it was very relaxed. The kids got to play with stuff as they opened and we weren't rushed. It was so nice to spend the whole day there and not be trying to get somewhere else. I know it isn't the same for my parents to not be able to do it on Christmas day but I think a new tradition may have just been set because I loved it and so did the kids.

Well--looks like theibuprofin finally kicked inand beth is sleepy again so I am going to put the little netbook down, creep quietly out of the bathroom where I have been hiding listening to her fuss and fret and hit the sack. 5am comes mighty early around these parts and often a kid or two comes into my room earlier than that!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Look Out

Today Bethy walked across the room to daddy. She is still preferring to crawl but she can stand up without holding on to anything, get up without holding on to anything and take 7 or 8 steps without falling.

Yesterday she took 5 steps, paused and got her balance, then three more.

This babe is on the cusp of walking and we are all so excited!! I love this milestone because it means no more FILTHY hands at the playground and so much more independence for her. I can hardly wait for her to take off.

I am impatient because she is holding practice sessions throughout the night. All the kids did it--when they were about to master it is was several nights of not sleeping well. It is like her little brain and body just can't turn off. She'll wake up and waddle back and forth in the crib or pack and play. Once she's got it I am hoping she'll start sleeping again.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Today we went to Dean's Farm to meet Santa. He was in for the day taking requests from Wilson children at his remote workshop location. He brought with him snow flurries. The kids are out there right now in the snow with daddy, nana and papa getting ready to go to the Christmas parade. I digress . . . .

When you get to Santa's workshop you can write your name on the naughty or nice list. Elijah was proud to get to write his own name.
Here's Bethy at the animals. By far the biggest hit of the day for her. Lydia wasn't really sure about the hayride--she doesn't like loud noises so she didn't crack a smile until the tractor was pulling us and she saw that it wasn't going ot be very loud.

Santa came out of the workshop at Dean's farm to greet us and held Elijah. Elijah was thrilled!

Lydia was pretty happy to meet the big man himself and tell him she wanted "Princess stuff" in her stocking. Elijah told him he wanted "surprises" in his.

Elijah was THRILLED to ride the hayride.

Bethy did NOT like Santa. She did smile and give him a high five after this shot though so she isn't traumatized forever.

Earlier in the morning I snapped these happy shots of my angels. Couldn't resist showing off their cuteness.


In one week I will leave my 20's behind. Wow! Hard to believe. I've done a lot these first thrity years. . .
I've been to Paris.
I've lived in Spain.
I've graduated with highest honors from UNC-CH.
I've gotten my Masters degree.
I've learned two languages other than English.
I've eaten some weird stuff ...goat testicles, octopus and a suckling pig top the list of YUCK!
I've gotten married.
I've given birth to two children at home.
I've given birth to one child at the hospital.
I've been in a car accident.
I've been mugged.
I've broken someone's nose and arm.
I've survived a knife fight.
I've broken bones.
I've weighed over 400 lbs.
I've lost over 200 lbs.
I've bought a new car.
I've survived two root canals.
I've been electrocuted twice.
I've learned how to strip wallpaper, fix a toilet, install a faucet and install a light fixture.
I've learned how to drive a car and a lawn mower.
I've been parasailing.
I've been deep sea fishing.
I've been to the Grand Canyon.
I've been to Hawaii.
I've learned how to change a tire.
I've learned it is possible to go weeks with very little sleep and still function.
I've learned how to cook.
I've learned how to make and decorate some pretty awesome cakes.

but you know . . .not much of that matters because I can't store up these treasures here. I've learned that the most important thing is something that I haven't done--its something I have recieved. My salvation.

In these next thirty years what can I hope for ???
  • I hope that my children will come to know and love Jesus and accept his salvation.
  • I hope that my parents and in-laws and the rest of my family will come to know and love Jesus and want to fellowship with other believers and become involved in a church.
  • I hope that I can stop focucsing on the here and now and what I cannot change and start focusing on the eternal and what really matters.
  • I hope that I can look back on this time and remember all of the fun memories we were making and remember it as a happy time.

Friday, December 03, 2010

My Little Princesses

Last night Chick Fil A had some real "little girl princesses" and I took Lydia on a special mommy-daughter date. She picked out her own outfit--brown shorts, tennis shoes with no socks, a christmas turtleneck, a princess coat and of course-a hat! Got to love the 2 year old style. She was ADORABLE (but I am biased). Here she is with the Princess.
And here is princess Bethany doing some dressup--how cute is she??Finally, Bethy is 11 months old today!!! Here she is yesterday after lunch. The Kiefer got a bit out of control so she had to go straight to the sink. She didn't sleep though the night last night but the two nights before she did.
She's taking 2 and 3 steps pretty regualarly now but not walking. She can stand on her own for a while.
She can say a lot of words and loves to say "hi!" at people to get their attention.
She loves her pacis and her fuzzy loveys.
She DOES sleep in the car but only when she's alone.
She is still nursing but only about 4 times a day now.
She is a big eater and loves beets and tomatoes the most right now.
She is loving her sissy more and more but still ADORES her brother above all others!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Funny Things They are Saying . . .

Lydia dreams about Princesses every nap and every night. Thunder makes her "Freak out." Their favorite Christmas song is "Police Naughty Dog" (Feliz Navidad). They also like the "Baby Santa" song . . .you know, the one that goes: "Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree for me . .. been an awful good girl. Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight!" Elijah likes all kinds of vegetables "becept" (except) beets and asparagus. And Indians shot Pilgrims with a "Bone and Arrow."

Those are just some of the funny things going on around here.

Been kinda slack with the posts. The Arbonne business is going great but it is taking up a lot of my down time to do the trainings and get my stuff organized the way I want to. Once I learn the system on the computer I feel confident that it will not take me as long as it has been to do my parties and I'll be able to get back to blogging again.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!

Head on over to a Little Etsy Love for an awesome giveaway. Hurry up though it ends on November 30th!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The fog has lifted . . .

What a busy/horrible couple of weeks. First Bethany got diagnosed with an ear infection and went on the pink stuff to cure it. She stopped sleeping and was up 8-15 times EVERYNIGHT and she stopped napping--guess she is just as sensitive to food dye as EJ is. Then, Elijah came down with the coughing crud from something at the doctor's office because I had to take all three kids. Then Lydia came down with the coughing crud and I had a fever and runny nose all last week. Lydia is almost well and Daddy is sick as a dog. He went and got some antibiotics to help himself out. Thankfully, Lydia is sleeping again, Elijah is well, Bethany is done with her antibiotics and slept last night and only got up one time and napped today. The end is in sight and I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

1) Antibiotics to help hubby heal quickly and help cure ear infections
2) Cough syrup that actually works on Lydia and is DYE FREE!
3) Knowing about a dye free diet and dye free stuff so that Bethany has been a super easy baby and not the holy terror that Elijah was. As sensitive as she is, she probably would have been a terrible baby if she'd had the pink lotions and food dyes like EJ did.
4) Being a stay at home mommy--we don't get sick days but there is no additional stress or worry when the kids get sick.
5) The ability to go on under 3 hours of sleep for 10 nights in a row--not many people could survive, let alone survive, cook dinner, play toys and keep smiling.

Many many more things . . . I am just too tired to go on!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chef Elijah and Biker Beth

We were playing outside, enjoying the last few days of warmth, and Bethany got on the four wheeler and learned how to do the button. The girl can't steer but boy does she get a kick out of riding that thing! Elijah loves to help in the kitchen. I mentioned Saturday that I was going to have to let him make dinner once he could read a recipe. Monday night he asked to cook. I had already diced up the veggies and he is very careful so I let him make the stirfry and measure the cous cous and cook and serve dinner. He did a great job and followed all my directions--I was hands off the whole meal. He learned about a "dash" of salt a "splash" of vinegar and did wonderful. He didn't get burned (much to my surprise) and he even did a great job serving it up on our plates.
Yep--my four year old made greek bean stirfry and ate it all up afterwards. Zucchini, carrots, white beans, peppers and onions with olives and feta cheese . Yum! He was so proud of himself--his daddy ate it all and Elijah said :
"Dad--do you like my cooking? You liked it all the way until your food was gone and you liked it enough to get more!"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mmmmm... Pumpkin

Bethy liked it . . .nuff said

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Princesses and Handsome Princes

My handsome little boy picked out his own clothes for church the other week. What a handsome fellow! He was so proud of his tie! Goofing off this morning. Lydia was showing off her headstand.
She refused to wear it on Halloween but wanted to wear it yesterday for dressup. She is adorable in her "tutu princess" gown I think.

And Princess Bethany . . . now 10 months old and sporting teeth #5and #6. Thank goodness those are though! She had her 9 month check up (a month late) today and she is almost 18 lbs and in the 50% for height and the 20% for weight. She's growing fine though and very healthy except for a HORRIBLE abcess in her ear that we ended up getting antibiotics for. How on earth am I supposed to know she is that sick when she ran a little fever on Sunday and hasn't run a fever since then?? She's been crabby but two teeth have come though so I thought it was because of that. Oh well . . . .hopefully she'll be back to her cheerful self in a day or so on these antibiotics.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Good and Sour

Last Saturday on the way back from the beach we stopped at a mcdonalds to let the kids run around in the kid-cooker and get some bugs out so the trip would go more smoothly. We got to the McD's right after a huge bus of students left so they were out of a lot of thngs--BBQ sauce being one of them. Now my "vegetable-tarian" son actually eats nuggets on occasion but the child drowns them in BBQ sauce. I was a bit worried but they gave me some Sweet and Sour and I told EJ it was a new kind of sauce. He tasted it and LOVED it. He told me today that he still likes BBQ sauce but that "Good and Sour" sauce is his new favorite.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy 10 Months!

Today our littlest angel is 10 months old.
  • She has 4 teeth and two more on the top are trying to poke through. She did her best to fuss them out last night.
  • She moved in the bedroom with Lydia and has only been in there one whole night. The last two nights, thanks to teething, she's been in a pack and play in our room.
  • She's taking 2 naps--one in the mroning about 9:30am and it lasts 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on how the night went. The afternoon nap is usually about an hour.
  • She's going to bed around 6:30 or 7pm most nights and getting up about 6am. She usually is up at 1 or 4 to eat.
  • Eats anything and everything we give her.
  • Can drink through a straw or a sippy cup.
  • Doesn't do bottles. Period.
  • Loves he paci and loveys.
  • Head over heels in love with "kiddies" and "daaaags" and loves to rub them. She even loves her pretend doggies.
  • Can stand for a few seconds and even take a lunging step or two.
  • Can climb stairs and get up on the couch or a chair. She's slowly learning about scoochin' off the high stuff. She hasn't had a bad tumble yet.
  • Finally likes grass--it took all summer for her to get over this. She'll now sit and crawl in it.
  • LOVES to eat sand. Beach girl all the way.
  • Best natured most easy going baby ever. She is such a doll baby and so easy compared to my others.
  • Is Loved!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Last Beachy Days

Wednesday morning we woke up to and did a little of THIS
Thursday we woke up to THIS

and while we were on the beach trying to beat the rain we saw THIS (double rainbow)

Here is our unit--the rainbow was the brightest rainbow I have EVER seen!

Once reinforcements arrived on Thursday afternoon we were able to go swimming on Friday. Here's mommy with her little angels.

Mommy and Lydia

Daddy and Beth

Nana was there too but I am not sure how keen she would be about me putting pics of her in her bathing suit on the internet :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Elijah wants to read so much
He tries to read words and guesses at them. He pretends to read books we've already read a million times. He reads to his sissy.

I've asked him a couple of times lately how to spell something.

Sherriff--we are electing a new sherriff and he is seeing these signs all over. He had to think a lot and he said:
"Shhhhhhh--"s" RRRRRR--"r" "iiiiiiiiifffffff"--"v"--its SRV mommy!"

He spelled phone: "fon"
He spelled love: "lv"
He spelled mommy: "mame"
He spelled Bethany: "BTNE"

He's getting the hang of the spelling stuff out. I am so excited for him to be able to read.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beachy Thoughts

Having fun down here. I am worn slam out though. I am trying to keep my cool and keep my patience. It is working about 90% of the time. I am being more strict than I would like but it is three on one and they know the odds are in their favor.

Lydia is cracking me up with "I got it under a-trol" (control) when I ask if she needs help. I know I use that expression, its just funny to hear her say it.

It is hard for me to realize sometimes how GROWN up my children are. Lydia has been forced to walk all week since I didn't bring the double stroller. The girl is TWO years old and she's obeying me, staying on the sidewalk, looking both ways and geneally impressing me with her listening. When did she get so grown up? There is a little boy, just two months younger than Lydia, and his mom is having to chase him back and forth and keep him from throwing stuff off the balcony and jumping down the stairs. Being a big sister has made her have to grow up so fast.

I am feeling a bit of mom guilt too this week. It is bedtime and I realize that I haven't done something like read with Bethany or snuggled with Lydia the whole day long. One on Three is tough and I don't feel like there is enough time in the day to do what I want to do. Having to split my time between them and not having anyone to help me is good for us though. Lydia has really cut down on the whining this week. Elijah is relishing his increased responsibilities. They are both loving the additional freedom of being here and being more on their own. They get to "wander" down the beach since it isn't crowded and I can keep an eye on them. IT is absolutely amazing to watch them play with one another for hours with NO toys. Just exploring the beach, chasing the birds, racing the waves and jumping off dunes. They don't fight. They aren't mean to one another. They laugh and hug and smile and run and have a good time. The more I leave them to it, the better.

I Love the beach. I love this mini-vacation. I am missing my hubby and can't wait to see him tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Riding the Elevator

Riding the "alligator" every day with Lydia is becoming quite amusing.

Beach Babies There On the Sand (and in the pool)

If the kids don't sleep well tonight then it is not for lack of trying. We were at the beach this morning for 2 hours then we went to the park for two hours. We went to DQ for lunch and played at their gigantic indoor playplace for over an hour. We then came home and took a short nap and headed out for the beach again. Two hours later we headed to the pool and showered off, ate our picnic and played there until almost 7pm. I am beyond exhausted. The kids still put up a fight at bedtime. They are wearing me out!!
The kids had a blast at the beach this afternoon. They were jumping off sand hils and scaring the crap out of birds--literally :) They were thrilled when one of the fishermen on the beach pulled in a big mackeral. It was pretty cool. We had to leave when Beth got sand in her eye. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures of her at the beach but it is a miracle that it took two hours for that to happen. That girl was a sand monster!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Whiskers and Biscuits

There is a lovely hibiscus flowering plant near our condo this week. I told the children the name for it yesterday. Today they were discussing it as we were walking and I couldn't help but laugh:

"Lydia--that's a hi-biskers (rhymes with whiskers) plant."

"No! 'lige it is a hi biscuits FLOWER"

Elijah told me this morning that he wasn't running away from the waves that he was "scampering." I asked him where he'd learned about scampering and he told me from his Fox and the Hound book on tape. Thought it was cute.

Sunrise on the Ocean

The view this morning. The most adorable thing on the beach at 6am!

The little mister--looking for a pirate ship


Lydia loved stomping in the foam and getting "foam boots" on her tootsies

This morning--they children were really into the treasure hunt. They went in pj's of course--who has time to change clothes when treasure might be waiting?? Me and Bethy at 6:30--the sunrise was beyond beautiful.

Yesterday--beaching it. She made a mad dash for the waves!

I love this shot--he was racing the waves

Trying to get her "Elilah"

I can't think of many things I would rather be doing at 6am on a Monday than "hunting treasures" on the beach at sunrise with my three little angels. We found some rope and some wooden pieces ("probably from a pirate ship!") and a yellow baloon on a string ("probably from a mermaid princess birthday party"). Super-lijah sprung into action with the last item and ran and put it in the trash can so a sea turtle wouldn't think it was a jellyfish and get choked. Makes me proud that they have an imagination and also that they have such a memory for things they learn. I mean, they go to the aquarium often and its nice they are learning stuff. Yep, were having fun down here. The only thing a mama could wish for is a bit more sleep--EJ has a cold and Lydia is just being a stubborn two year old. Bethany is adjusting to a new environment. No one is sleeping well. I think I was probably up about 10 times with various children last night. I had high hopes of scrapbooking but when the last child finally fell asleep last night at 8:30 I went with them. I was exhausted!! 2 hours on the beach, 1 hour exploring the property and looking for cats and two hours in the pool where I was holding Bethany (and usually Lydia) the whole time. Yesterday Bethany was inducted into the fat lip club when she slipped on the concrete and busted her lip on her top tooth. She was a pretty good sport about it. Yes indeed--things are different when mama is solo at the beach but we're doing well. We survived unloading the car (even the car top carrier!), going to the grocery, a broken elevator and getting around with the older two having to walk the whole time since the double stroller wouldn't fit. This adventure is stretching me out of my comfort zone but I'm surprising myself by rising to the occasion. Today we explored the beach and made it back before the rain. We went to the aquarium and then to lunch. I was mighty proud of myself at lunchtime when nothing got knocked over, the waitress was smiling an actual smile when we left, not one of those "Thank God they are finally out of here" smiles you can get when your kids are awful, and we all left with full bellies and clean hands and smiles on our faces.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Falling . . . .

Our neighbor gave us a bag of leaves to play in . . . we had lots of fun!