Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bethany Noelle Pictures

OK--so finally got enough sleep and enough energy to post some pics of our newest addition.

Daddy kisses in the hospital.Going home!!!
Introducing Bethany to Big Brother

and big sissy!

I think he likes her!!

The absolutely cutest thing was that when we brought her home Elijah kept repeating "Hers is real!" and kissing her. He loves her a lot and doesn't seem so upset by her crying. Lydia is thrilled to have a real baby but she is a bit heavy handed :) Had to sling the little one today to keep Lydia from giving her a concussion in the bouncy seat with the "rock rock!"
Lydia is a little distressed about the breast feeding. She came up and said: "Baby Betty bite your booby mommy!" And she'll come up and waggle her finger at Bethany and say "No biting!" Now when she starts we say she's drinking mama milk and Lydia says "drinking milk--no bite Betty!" (Betty is how she says Bethany--EJ says Beffany)


Katie said...

She's so cute, and so small! In that picture of her in the carrier, she looks so tiny :)

Congrats, she's beautiful! You look great, too!

Alysun said...

Awww, such sweet siblings!!! I can't wait to meet Betty/Beffany:) She's beautiful.