Wednesday, January 13, 2010


OK--so the kids have a new facination with all things booby now that we have another little nippler in the house and I am feeding her every 2 or so hours. So far I have heard the following today . . .

Elijah on Boobies:

"Mom--hers is sucking on my finger. Hers thinks its a booby!"
"Mom--Baby Beffany can't eat vitamins yet. God puts all the vitamins in your bobbies and she sucks them out with the milk right?"

Lydia on Boobies:
"Betty--no bite mama's boobies."
"Baby like suck boobies."
and my personal favorite after she shoved her baby up her shirt--
"Lydia's big boobies milk. Feeding MINE baby. Don't hit MINE boobies they sore!"

I also finished up writing down Bethany's Birth story for those of you who might want to read it. I know it is in way more detail than you probably care about but it is for me to have a record of what I went though. I really enjoyed reading through Elijah's birth story and Lydia's birth story and reminding myself of how strong a woman I am.

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