Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

We called her at 7am, before rounds at the hospital, to wish her happy birthday. EJ sang to her, so did Lydia. I love how Lydia sings Happy Birthday song--"Happy to you happy to you!!!"

We made her a cake first thing this morning. It was in the oven cooking by 7:30am. The kids had already licked beaters and were running around like madmen by that time. Yum! Homemade carrot cake and cream cheese icing.

We busied ourselves all morning with childwatch and a playdate with friends, came home for a quick lunch and naps. After naps we went over to see mom and dad. All three kids were screaming and crying in the car. They were all tired and grouchy. UGH! I didn't want to bring them over in the grouchy moods they were in but I wanted to see my mom and wish her happy birthday and give her cake and her gift. After some cake and ice cream the kids perked up. We were only there about 45 minutes since I wanted to come home and make dinner and get them into bed early. This not sleeping stuff has GOT to stop soon! Anyway here are some pics from the afternoon . . .

Grampy got screaming baby duty while Granny opened her gift.

Yes--a cactus. We got her a plantar that's shaped like a seashell and wanted to fill it with something that wouldn't die if she didn't go to the beach house for a while.

Yum cake--before dinner--the kids just ate the icing.

We got home and Elijah wanted to pick out something for dinner. I told him it had to be healthy since he'd had cake. He chose a slice of cheese, grapefruit and spinach. Lyddie chose a clementine, cheese, spinach, white beans and noodles. Justin and I had spinach and white beans and noodles. I am glad the kiddos make such healthy choices but sometimes it surprises me. Boy does that boy love grapefruit--he was licking the bowl and the table and his hands and he squeezed it and drank the juice too.


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