Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hard at "Work"

Oh the wonderful task of being a Stay at Home Mommy! Especially when the temperatures are in the low 60's and we can head outside for the morning.
We went to the gym and I got a shower while the older two played and Bethany chilled in her carseat in the shower room. It was free sample smoothie day so we all got a sample of the pina colada. YUM! Quick trip to the grocery to get milk and some other things. Then from 10am until 1pm we played outside and LOVED it.
We dug up stuff in the garden. Played sandbox. Ran around. I gave airplane rides (very difficult with a baby in the sling OBTW). Swung on the swings. It was pure delight!
Baby leg warmers--you got to love them!
Happy girl!
Snacktime! We got frozen yogurt tubes and took a wagon ride down the street. Fun fun fun!

Then we chalked and left a message for daddy to see.

My silly boy!

Bethany just went with the flow--she nursed once outside, looked around for a little bit and then snoozed in the sling. She's pretty low on the fussing today. She must have gotten it out of her system last night :)

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