Monday, January 18, 2010

Heartwarming-Brother's Love!!

Its been a busy and lousy day. Lydia is cutting molars and has a fever and is just grouchy. Elijah didn't get enough sleep last night due to both sissy's screaming at all hours and mama is sleepy too! This afternoon wasn't shaping up to be much better since Ej only napped about 45 minutes (he normally naps about 2 hours). But he came on down and was in a good mood. I let him watch a program and had Bethany on the couch. She was fussy too but I had to get some stuff done while Lydia was out of the way. I suddenly heard Bethany stop fussing and I ran in to make sure EJ hadn't covered her up with a pillow or something and I saw this. How adorable is that?? He was snugging her and she was just gazing at him. Precious!

I was a bit paranoid that he might knock her off the couch so I switched them around and let them snuggle and watch a movie. They were there about 20 minutes. I was just in awe of my little man.

Out of the mouth of Elijah . . .

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