Sunday, January 03, 2010

Labor . . . Hurts so good!

Yeah--started serious contractions last night at 1am. They were about 6 minutes apart for three hours then spaced back out to about 14 minutes apart and I was able to take some short cat naps to try and recharge for what I know will be an eventful day. It's 7:30am and they are getting closer and closer together. My parents have the kids--came and got them before breakfast so EJ would not freak out seeing me hurting. He is so excited that our fresh baby is finally "ripe" and is going to come out today.

I am excited but nervous. Contractions hurt and I am VERY tired. The kids were up several times during the night and I was up from 1-4 with contractions and then only got catnaps until 6am. I keep remembering back to Lydia's labor--44 hours of this stuff. I guess I am kinda glad we are going to the hospital this time. 44 hours was too much for my uterus to take and I ended up hemmoraging. I think we will head on into the hospital around lunchtime or so even if they don't get any closer or longer. I don't want another 2 day labor and I don't want to bleed again!

J-man is tring to decide if he wants to go to church or not. I don't want him around me. I like to labor in private. I haven't even called the doula yet because I know its so early in the process. I am hoping he goes to church to give me some privacy--I think that is my best chance for progressing today.

Regardless of what happens we'll be happy if we end up with a healthy little girl and a healthy mommy at the end of the day. Really, the path to get there doesn't matter all that much as long as that is the end result.

Hopefully we'll have pics to share later!

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