Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh Baby . . .

Lyddie is not gentile with Bethany. Today she told me:

"Baby Betty eyes. Poke eyes funny! Watch!" And I grabbed her before she clawed the poor baby's eyes out.

She saw baby Bethany in the swing yesterday and yelled:

"Baby Betty--UNDERDOG--Weeeee!!!" and proceeded to push the swing as hard as she could to try and give her sissy an underdog. Bethany didn't think it was much fun (though thankfully I HAD strapped her in and she was swaddled so she didn't get jerked too much).

Lydia is also a BIG fan of "Fist Bonks" (aka Fist Bumps--Pastor Rusty's "handshake" for the little kids). She walked past Baby Bethany two days ago and Bethany wasn't swaddled. She was laying on her back with her little fists up by her face. Lyddie said:

"Baby Betty. Happy Sunday! Fist Bonk!" And did a fist bump as she walked by. Bethany didn't seem to mind and I thought it was really funny.

Poor baby Bethany--she's gonna be tough stuff!

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