Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheese and Whine

Elijah isn't a big whiner--he learned a while ago that whining doesn't work on me. He pitches fits and screams--I have to admit, I have not been as consistent with him as I have needed to be. Heis one that if you give an inch he wants a mile.

Lydia is my whiner. Some days she doesn't say anything that isn't a whine. It is annoying.

I am working hard with both of them and began the "crack down" so to speak on Monday last week. Its working really well.

Lydia will whine, I will tell her to use a normal voice and not respond to her if she keeps on whining. It is nice--normally I get a whining fit and a few more whiny requests then she takes a deep breath and asks in a normal voice what she wants. I am hoping that soon she will just ask for what she wants and skip the fit and whining all together.

Elijah is a bit more stubborn. He and I butt heads a lot. He will pitch a fit and I will calmly tell him that he doesn't get what he wants when he pitches a fit. Unless he is trying to hurt me or his sissy I normally just let him scream. I endured a two hour fit Friday morning about getting dressed--he didn't like his pants. About 7am I told him he could go upstairs and pick another pair but that he had 5 minutes to do so. If he didn't do it then he was wearing what I brought downstairs. I set the timer. I honestly thought I was going to have to cancel my doctor's appointment at 9:30 because he was still going at 9am. Finally he let me help him with the pants I brought down (I had put up the baby gate once the timer went off so he couldn't go upstairs) and had a great day. Whew--that boy is hard headed.

Ahh--the joys of parenting! I am so glad that I can stay home and teach my kiddos and (generally) not have to worry about making appointments or making it to work on time. I have the time to discipline like I want to and I have the patience to wait for a stubborn three year old to calm down. I am so blessed to be able to raise my children and not have to work outside of the home. Even on the days when I am so frustrated and tired that I just want to call it quits and take a "lunch break" to get away I try to remember that it is my job to train up my children.

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