Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday the kids made up a game--"baby"

Lydia was the baby and Elijah was the mommy or daddy, depended on the moment. Lydia was calling him "Daddy-Lijah" and she was the baby--complete with Bethany's paci in her mouth and the little baby hat perched on her head.

Then it was pretend lunchtime. I hear:
"Here baby--its time to eat your mommy milk."

I run to the room, ready for a laugh, and find Elijah hiking his shirt up and Lydia crawling to him. She kissed his nipple and said "Thanks mommy-lijah"

Too funny!

Then it was pretend naptime and Elijah said:

"Time to make a baby burrito Lydia babe. You are too fat for this lovey. We'll arrito you with the nemo bag (sleeping bag). Nite nite sweetie."

I just love it.

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