Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy One Month Bethany!

Hard to believe we've already had Bethany for a month!
Here's what she can do:
  • EAT--Bethany you eat every 2 or 3 hours around the clock. Sometimes at night you want to wake up EVERY hour :( But you are growing so well!! I got on the scale at the gym today and it says you're at about 9 lbs! You are generally quick--about 20 minutes total--but you hate nursing in public and will eat just enough to take the edge off and then wait until we are back home and finish up.
  • SLEEP-you like to be awake right after you eat and then you like to nap. You LOVE to be swaddled. You like your swing sometimes but normally Lydia tries to swing you so much that you would prefer to just be upstairs in your pack and play. You hate to sleep in the quiet and we have to have white noise or EJ and Lyddie have to be playing if you are going to sleep.
  • Hold up your head--you hate tummy time but you are good at it. You can hold up your head and look left and right. When I have you by myself you just lay there and scream. When you are on tummy time and your brother and sissy are playing you are constantly on the move--running your defense.
  • Suck a paci--you just started doing this yesterday. I hated forcing the paci but you were sucking your fists and your daddy and I REFUSE to have a thumb sucker!! When you are tired I swaddle you so you can't get your hands and plug your fuss with the paci. You like it now!
  • Smile--you have only smiled two times and both were at your brother. You love your brother and tolerate him well.
  • Put up with a lot!! Your brother and sissy are constantly loving on you. You are generally long suffering. You have a lot more patience for Elijah than Lydia because he is generally much more gentile.

We love you Bethy-poo and we are glad you came to us!

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Alysun said...

Awwww! I heart Bethy-poo, too:)