Monday, February 08, 2010

Not me Monday!

I didn't do a lot this week . . .
I haven't been heard saying "Don't pee-pee on Dora, we don't want to make Dora mad!" several times a day this week as we have gone from no pants or panties to regular clothes again. And I most certainly didn't let my little girl go completely bottomless for FIVE days to just get potty training over with quickly. Nope--I wouldn't want her to run around like that. (And I most definitely didn't take pictures to humiliate her later on in life).
I also didn't make cookies with my kids this morning at 9:30am after we got back from the gym. Nope--my three year old most certainly doesn't know that cookies have butter, flour, sugar and eggs. And even if he did, he wouldn't ask if we have each ingredient before suggesting we make chocolate chip cookies with the chocolate chips that I most certainly DIDN'T bribe my one-year old with to make her go to the potty.
I also didn't zip both children upside down in sleeping bags with books down at the bottom just so Bethany could nurse without them climbing all over us. No--surely they might suffocate or get overheated. And my two children didn't think it was absolutely hilarious to be reading books in sleeping bags with flashlights.
I also didn't move a little table close to the playroom couch so that they could jump from the table to the couch and burn off some of that cookie energy and be ready for early naps. I would never suggest my kiddos do something wild and crazy like that. And we most certainly NEVER jump on the furniture in the playroom.
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The Oxford Family said...

ha ha! love the visual of kids in sleeping bags! THanks for sharing your not me's!

Colleen said...

oh my son certainly wouldnt love reading with a flashlight either!

Oh and I you will never see my son jumping off that half wall onto the couch cushions flung on the floor.

Sounds like a fun day at your house...if you would have actually let the kids do all that you had dreamed of.

The Homemaker said...

How fun, both the "Not Me" idea and the FUN things you did with your kids! Potty training is the worst, and I'm afraid it brings out the worst in me. Poor Dora is DROWNING over here...!