Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Are you feeling guilty for letting your children color each other with washable markers just so that you could get a few minutes to make dinner without your little helpers? Feeling guilty for styling your kids hair with the vacuum--great for pig tails! Not me! There is a lot that I didn't do this week . . .care to join in the fun over at MckMama's blog?

This week I most certainly didn't dress the baby in stupid boots because I am sick and tired of the baby socks falling off. I also didn't dress her in a dumb reindeer hat just to laugh. There is also no way I would have given my three year old the brand new digital camera I got for Christmas so that he could take a picture of me and the baby in said stupid outfits.
During the evenings this week we most certainly didn't stick the baby in the tub with the crazy one and three year olds. We also didn't say to Bethany that she needed to "shake it off" when she got splashed a bit by her siblings. We coddle our babies and only put them in inch deep water in a baby bath on the counter . . . not!
After the bath we most certainly didn't let a naked Lydia sit on our bed and watch Wiggles just to keep her still so we could finish washing EJ and get the baby lotioned and dressed. Nope--we never let our under two year old watch TV past her bedtime just to stop the whining.
I also didn't dress her and take a picture of her beautful curls. No--I would never do that.


Katie Bug said...

Her curls are beautiful! I totally recoginize the article about shy kids on your nightstand, too.

Sara said...

What beautiful curls! I love post bath curls, too bad they never last till morning!

Elizabeth said...

Such pretty curls!
I never leave my kids wrapped in towels sitting on the couch watching tv after their bath just so I can finish something else!

RenderMeMama said...

Too funny! I love to dress my kids in silly outfits, take their pictures and then never put them on them again. Makes for some great pics though!