Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not Me Monday!

There is always a lot that I didn't do in a weeks time and it makes me smile to remember all of it. Here goes . . .

I most certainly did not amuse the kiddos for a half hour by sucking thier hair and lips into the vacuum cleaner hose. No way--that hose is nasty and full of floor germs and stuff--I'd never suck their lips up into that thing. I also most certainly didn't find that the hose is a wonderful piggy tail syling instrument and use it to style my squirmy one year old's locks.

I also didn't let my three year old get so tired that he fell asleep completely naked, wrapped in his soggy towel in his bed after bath. I also didn't leave him there all night long and then laugh when he came stumbling into my room at 5:30 am and said, with a surprised tone: "Mom--I'm naked!"

Speaking of naked, it was certainly NOT my child who stripped down during quiet time, put all of his lovey's in the hamper and took all of the hamper clothes and shoved them in his pillowcase. I also didn't absolutely crack up when I saw his mischevious little face peeking out from his covers and hear him saying: "I can't get up now mommy. I am BUTT-NAKED!"

Finally, I didn't find myself yelling: "Elijah! Take Lydia to the bathroom and help her pull her panties down. " Because I was nursing the baby and trying to make dinner at the same time.

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