Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking it down a notch . . .

This afternoon around 2pm I thought we were going to have a great day. Granted I've been up since about 1am with the baby and then with the older two who decided 4am was a great time to start their days (even after gong to bed at 8pm last night).

Lydia was down for a nap, I was nursing Bethany and she was falling asleep and Elijah was in my bed having "quiet time." He has been fighting a nap for a while though he desperately needs one. For the past two days I have been putting him in his room with a timer for an hour and told him to play and read quietly. He has been falling asleep and not waking up when the timer goes off--Great! So today I carted some "loveys" and books to my room and let him have quiet time. I was feeling like I have this schedule thing down and had my three kiddos under control.

Then my confidence got taken down a notch. It was quiet and I thought he'd fallen asleep when I heard a bang in the bathroom. I went up, expecting to help him clean up after using the bathroom, and found him standing on the toilet empting bottles out of the medicine cabinet--ear drops, lotion, shampoo and baby wash and toothpaste. They were on the toilet, the cabinet, the bathtub and the floor. He'd been mixing them in a cup and not done a good job of pouring. I was so frustrated! $30 worth of dye-free stuff for the kids was WASTED and he kept saying "I didn't mean to do it mom." He knew I was mad. I was calm though--no yelling or spanking or raving. I made him help clean it up and put him back in his room for 30 minutes so I could have a time out. Whew!

About 5 minutes later Lydia was up and screaming and wouldn't go back to sleep--great another 45 minute nap for her=super whiny grouch. I abandoned the idea of quiet time and got them both and went downstairs and we played then called grandma to chat.

Then it got to be about 4pm and they were getting really tired and being awful to one another. Hair pulling, smacking, fighting, throwing toys . . . it was one time out after another. Then Elijah started spitting. I told him to go outside or go to the bathroom and spit in the potty. He knows this rule. He ran to the bathroom and I heard him spitting and Lydia laughing. I thought they were spitting in the toilet like usual and ran upstairs for aminute to check the baby. I came down and Elijah had gotten Valentines chocolate and chewed them up and spit them all over the bathroom. I took a deep breath, tried to remind myself that I am blessed to have these children, didn't kill him, and calmly put him in time out and cleaned it up.

I called Justin at work and told him to hurry home because I was going insane.

It was 4:45 and I fed the kids dinner. They were done by 5:10 and I expected Justin would be home in 10 minutes or so. Then the baby woke up and started screaming to be fed. I got the kids on the couch, latched the baby and started to read bedtime stories. Lydia pulled Bethany's hair and I said "No pulling hair--this is your warning. If you pull again, you will get a time out." She broke down and started tantruming. Then she yelled so loud she gagged and threw up all over me and the couch. I cleaned that up (while nursing--I can multitask!) and finished stories. It was 5:30 and Justin still wasn't home but my mom dropped by (with subs for our dinner no less!!). Sensing my desperation she scooped the barfy Lydia up and took her upstairs to get pj's on and go to bed. EJ and I finished stories and daddy got home at 5:45. He took EJ upstairs kicking and screaming while I finished up nursing the baby.

I turned the baby over to burp her and she threw up all over me. My shirt, pants and underwear all got soaked. She was soaked. Gross.

So here I am. I handed the baby to Justin, started the load of barfy clothes and towels, put on my (fresh pair) of big girl panties and am dealing with it. I am blogging while he feeds Bethany a bottle since I am running empty. I am reviewing Algebra for the student who's coming at 7:30 for tutoring. I am trying to remind myself that I will miss these days. I am convinced that tomorrow will be better.

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