Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Lydia!

It hard to believe it but my Lyddie-girl is two years old! Wow!

Lydia is amazing and sweet and so completely different than her brother.
Lydia loves princesses, getting her toenails painted, bows and dresses. She also loves to climb and build and play dinosaurs. She is a girly girl but boy can she hold her own. Lydia is sweet and snuggly, but only on her terms.
She likes to be held sometimes, usually when I am trying to nurse Bethany. Lydia doesn't like being a big sister all that much yet.
Lydia loves to play outside and swing. She is talking more and more every day.
At the moment, Lydia's favorite food is smoothies. She wants them every morning and every lunch. She is smoothie crazy. Doesn't matter what is in the smoothie as long as she gets to help and push the blender button.
Lydia also like Wiggles and Kidsongs. Lyddie doesn't much care for TV though and won't sit for a movie or show unless she is tired or eating a snack.
The terrible twos have hit Lydia hard. She bites, throws tantrums, hits and WHINES. Oh my--she is the biggest whiner! Sometimes I don't think she has spoken in anything but a whine from morning until night. It is soooo annoying! She even whines her "pleases" and "Thank yous"--she is very polite when she whines.
Lydia has been enjoying her preschool class two mornings a week. She absolutely loves childwatch at the gym. She's also got a older guy at the gym, Tom, who she runs and gives a hug every morning. He is a grandpa himself and just eats it up. She is adjusting to Sunday school, but doesn't like that the workers are different every week.
Lydia is still in a crib and still uses her paci and "lovey" at night. She loves that "lovey" and takes it everywhere.
Lydia, we love you girl! Can't imagine life without you.
Funniest quote of today:
Elijah, upon recieving a present from Granny and Grampy: "Oh yeah! Its my UN-happy birthday present"

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bethany said...

2 already?!? They grow up so fast! Love the cake-so cute! Happy Birthday Lydia!