Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I didn't do a lot of things this past week. I certainly didn't let my children play outside until they were dirty, sticky and just plain nasty then feed them lunch outside, let them eat popsicles all afternoon, feed them dinner outside then strip them naked on the porch and put them in the bath together all before daddy got home from work. I also didn't have them both snoozing by 6pm several nights in a row because it was just easier to let them skip nap than fight the three year old about it.
When EJ got filthy at the park and wanted a snack I most certainly wasn't too lazy to go to the car and get a wipe for his hands and I didn't say: "Just wipe your hands on your pants, you'll be fine." No--I am way too germaphobic for that. I never let my kids eat sand or dirt.
I also didn't nurse the baby on the front porch while the kiddos went on a bug hunt. It wasn't me who stood by while Elijah convinced Lydia to taste a "poly bug." Again, too germaphobic. I also didn't laugh when she said "mmmm--Yummy!" after eating the bug. Nope--protein from a bug--never!
This week my dear sweet daughter has most definetly not had a smoothie EVERY SINGLE DAY. She also hasn't had them for Breakfast AND lunch a couple of days. Nope--I feed her better than that. I also didn't hide broccoli and peas and carrots by using frozen veggies instead of ice. Not me :)
What didn't you do?

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Alysun said...

I did not let Dylan eat a sucker that had fallen on the floor in Target. Ewww, that would be gross.