Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Hugger

Bethy is almost 4 months old. She is so snuggly and giggly these days. Here she is on the back porch loving my lovin' on her.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

On a Classmates Lunch . . .

"Alaina had beef-turkey for lunch today mama. Doesn't that sound disgusting?"

She has Beef Jerky

This after he and his sissy had big glasses of milk (silk for Lydie) and a bowl full of corn and black beans for breakfast. I don't think he should be the decider of what is disgusting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Yard Work . . .

"Mom--Our yard is the greatest! No one else has so many clovers, dandylions and buttercups. They're beautiful!"

On Cleaning Dishes . . .

"Mom, I went ahead and licked the whole spatula off. Now you don't have to wash it!"


Monday, April 26, 2010

Beachy Bethy

We left the older two kiddos with grany and grampy for the weekend and went to the beach with just Bethany. Justin and I really enjoyed the lack of a schedule--no home by naptime, no in-bed by 7pm. We ate at Panera twice, walked on the beach for two hours, walked around Beaufort, rented a movie and had a nice time. Justin let me nap both days and he got to enjoy two nights of uninterrupted sleep--one of the benifits of a big house :) Bethany broke her record for number of times up in a night :( but I will just chalk it up to being in a strange place. She had a good time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Put her down!

The kids are playing doctor. I walk in and Lydia is in her wheelchair (aka baby doll stroller). Elijah said she broke her kneecaps. He runs at her with the medicine syringe and says--"Let shoot her!"

Broken kneecaps, shoting the patient--Mafia or large animal vet?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Stuff

My kids are funny stuff.

Stuff is Lydia's new favorite word--
"Lydia what are you holding?"
"Shoes and stuff"

"Lydia, what would you like to eat?"
"Mmmm... popsicle stuff."

Cute to a mommy's ears.

We went to target to grab a few items and top of the list were flip flops for the kids. I wanted shoes they could do themselves for when we go to the pool. They are absolutely adorable and only $5 each. Anyway--on the way to the shoes we passed the undergarmets and Elijah yells from the cart--
"Wow Mom!! Look at all the boobie holders!" The old lady coming in the other direction wasn't amused. I was giggling-then Lydia started chanting "boobies boobies boobies Bethy likes boobies boobies boobies." Good thing I had a sense of humor, a lesser mother might have been embarassed by that.

My kids have new nicknames for each other. Lydia calls Elijah "Beno butter butt" (Peanut butter butt) and he calls her "Baboon butt." We are usually pretty strict about potty words but these nicknames are cute, they giggle every time they say them and it honestly doesn't bother me to hear about 30 times a day. Lydia also calls her brother "Lijie" as a cute nickname when she's happy with him, when she's not its "Lijah James!" (just like mommy :) )

Lydia is at my favorite age--new words and sayings everyday, still little enough to realize mommy is the boss and still responding to time outs as discipline. I know it will soon change so I am trying to enjoy every moment of it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Date Night

I had a date with my little boy yesterday. We went to go and see How to Tame Your Dragon. It was totally worth all the scheduling. I finally fixed my pump on Thursday and pumped between every nursing so I could have a bottle. On Friday, Grampy came and got Lydia before her nap. I dropped Bethany off at a babysitter's at two. The movie was at 2:25 and we were right on time.

Elijah was super-excited. He went to one of those free movies over a year ago with Justin and that's the only time he's been to the movie. This was our first paid movie. I had sticker shock. Its probably been before Lydia was born that we've been to the movie on a date. I was thinking with the matinee we would be about $12 or so for the tickets. The tickets were almost $10 each!! There is an extra charge for the 3D movie. Wow!

We got the kiddie box of popcorn and a drink ($6!!) and took our seats just as the previews were playing. It was awesome. Eljah sat there drinking his cherry coke and munching popcorn for about the first half. He didn't seem scared at all. He wanted to sit in my lap once the real dragon fighting started but he wasn't scared. I thought, with the loudness of the theater and the size of the on-screen dragons, that he would be scared. He just soaked it all in. He didn't take off his glasses at all. After the movie we went to get ice cream with a gift card I won and just chatted. Then we got Bethany and came home.

I am so hoping that this special one on one time will help his attitude. At this point it couldn't hurt. Yesterday morning he bit be to bleed, sucked on my arm hard enough to give me a hicky, pinched me and threw about 10 tantrums. I was on the edge. I had been up since midnight because of Bethany and Elijah and was exhausted. When I am that tired my fuse is way short. Eljah was up eating (three times!!--pb sandwich, crackers and peanut butter and a granola bar) because he is going through a growth spurt--he's gone from a size 10.5 to a size 12 in shoes this week! Bethany is just a lousy sleeper.

Anyway--in summary. Date afternoon was great. The movie was really good and I didn't find anything objectionable in the content. Going to bed at 6pm while both older kids are gone totally rocks.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Napping . . .

Elijah has pretty much given up his nap. He is devilish without it. Today, he came in my room at dark-thirty wanting to get up. I told him no, that he had to wait for his "alarm-light" and to go back in his room. He tantrumed and I just dragged him kicking and screaming into his room. That pretty much set the tone for the morning. 13 tantrums later I demanded he at least have a "quiet time" in his room this afternoon. After he kept popping out of the room I finally told him (at about 2:30) he would get a spanking if he came out before the numbers on his clock has a 3 as the first number. He is up there sleeping now, his face is inches from the clock, he is naked and the sheets are off the bed in a wad on the floor where he is curled up in them. I am so glad he's asleep!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update . . .

Things are fine.

Pollen everywhere is making us all sniffly so project "cleanup" is taking up our time. Did laundry today, cleaned the porch and all outside toys etc. yesterday. The rest of the house is on the agenda for the week.

Elijah has completely given up a nap and I am seriously mourning its loss. No kid free time from the moment I'm up in the morning until they are all down at night is wearing me out. Tried the quiet time but it is honesly a lot more battle than its worth right now. That means I am nursing (6am) and up with the other at 6:30 (when thier lights go on thanks to timers) until 7:30 at night when the last snug is snuggled and 8pm when the last baby is nursed. Whew! Then I am up at least every 2 hours at night with little miss Bethany. UGH!
Bethy isn't sleeping any better and I am getting worn out with no naps and no sleep at night. Pray she'll start sleeping in bigger chunks.
Other than that we're just enjoying the weather and hanging out.

Friday, April 09, 2010

She's Got Game

Yesterday or the day before Elijah was asking about eating stuff like squirrels and deer because I had told him the story about Elijah in the bible getting food dropped by the Ravens. I told him that I personally didn't care for deer because it was "gamey" since it was wild. I forgot about my explanation until today when EJ and I had this conversation.

EJ: Mom--do we eat people?
Me: No. Eating people is canabalism. God tells us not to eat people.
EJ: Well, I don't think Lydia would taste good. She's gamey.
Me: Gamey?
EJ: Yeah--hers is a WILD child. Wild things taste gamey right?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Belated Three Months Bethy-poo

So it's the kids' spring break and I just plumb forgot to do my normal monthly update. Bethy is now THREE months old!! I can hardly believe it.

Here's what's going on with her . . .

  • Bethy is awake for two hour stretches a few times a day.

  • Bethany likes to take a bunch of shorter naps rather than a long morning and afternoon one.

  • I can usually get Bethany down around 2pm when the other two are having quiet time or napping. Praise God for this--I am usually ready for a break.

  • Bethany is nowhere near sleeping through the night. Her long stretch has been close to 4 or 5 hours one one or two occasions but it is usally at least every 2 hours that she gets up and wants to nurse, or be re-swaddled or be re-pacied.

  • Bethany can roll over both ways, but sometimes forgets how. She'll roll to her tummy and then get really mad because she's on her tummy. I flip her and she's like "oh yeah!"

  • She has the worst little temper--she'll just scream and fuss and get all red when you do something she doesn't like. She goes stiff as a board and hates getting buckeled into her carseat.

  • She loves to be held. Daddy's got this one hold with her on his forearm looking out. I usually grab her between the legs and hold her facing out one handed. She doesn't like to be up on a shoulder and will only like being cradled if you are bouncing her or she is exhausted.

  • She went to church this past Sunday and spent Sunday School in the nursery. She did OK.

  • She is VERY empathetic--if someone is crying (or tantruming) she'll join in.

  • She loves her mama milk and hates formula. We tried formula a few weeks back and it gave her horrible pains. I tried Soy formula the other day and she wouldn't even suck it up out of the bottle--I don't blame her that stuff smelled AWFUL! I need to fix my pump so she'll be able to be away from me.

  • She loves her brother and tolerates Lydia. When Lydia comes and she's nursing, Bethy will pop off and start screaming crying. Doesn't matter if Lydia touched her or not.

  • She grins and giggles and belly laughs. Her little grin just lights up her whole face.

  • We've tried the exersaucer and the jumparoo and she isn't a big fan of either one. She likes to be in the Bumbo if you're messing with her. She will tolerate the bouncy seat for a short period of time. She loves to be on the mat with the little arcs that holds the toys dangling over her.

  • She's loved.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday Fun

We made waffles for breakfast and then headed outside.

There was some serious cuteness wandering around the back yard this morning.
We were able to repot our peppers and tomatoes in our greenhouse. We'll probably keep them protected until May or so.

Bethy was a big help most of the morning. She was pretty chill in her mesh sling.

After the repotting and a swinging break, the kids and daddy started our seeds: cucumbers, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, green beans and sunflowers.

Bethy got some daddy time while the older two took another swing break.

Daddy and Bethy spotted this friendly fellow (we think garter snake) in our mulch. EJ wasn't much of a fan, Lyddie wanted to hold him :)
Bethany loves outside!

She loves being held too.

We had lunch outside, then we set up the pool per EJ's request. You couldn't have paid me to get in there but they loved it. The water was COLD!! Brief side note: My new digital camera with the action setting is awesome. Its also waterproof! Thank you Cody and Krysti!!

Whew--if you're trying you can pack a lot in before naptime!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Busy Busy



The blog is falling behind because of several factors

1) EJ is giving up his nap

2) When EJ does nap it is usually with me leg-locking him in his bed and we both sack out

3) Bethany is a HORRIBLE sleeper and I am exhausted

4) The computer crashes every couple of days and Justin has to fix it

5) It is beautiful outside and we are spending a LOT of time enjoying it. When the kiddos are out I have to be too and the desktop is WAY too big to haul with me :)

So what's up with the Dentons . . .

EJ and Lyddie are loving preschool. I was so glad the other day that Lyddie was just as horrible at the school photographer as she was at Walmart. It wasn't just me!! Lydia is finally not crying when I drop her off.

Apart from the occasional accident when we are outside and simply cannot make it to the potty in time, Lydia is completely potty trained. She is waking up about every other morning dry so I don't think it will be too long before we can bail on the nighttime diapers as well.

Bethany has an ear infection and I am THRILLED! It sounds horrible but she hasn't slept more than a 45 minute stretch since MONDAY. Yesterday she only slept about 45 minutes total the whole day. She was fussy and horrible. This morning, after another night of only an hour sleep total, I called the doctor. We got there and they found an ear infection. Weird because my other kids aren't prone to them and she doesn't have a fever. I am so hoping this is the cause of her awfulness!! It is curable.