Thursday, April 01, 2010

Busy Busy



The blog is falling behind because of several factors

1) EJ is giving up his nap

2) When EJ does nap it is usually with me leg-locking him in his bed and we both sack out

3) Bethany is a HORRIBLE sleeper and I am exhausted

4) The computer crashes every couple of days and Justin has to fix it

5) It is beautiful outside and we are spending a LOT of time enjoying it. When the kiddos are out I have to be too and the desktop is WAY too big to haul with me :)

So what's up with the Dentons . . .

EJ and Lyddie are loving preschool. I was so glad the other day that Lyddie was just as horrible at the school photographer as she was at Walmart. It wasn't just me!! Lydia is finally not crying when I drop her off.

Apart from the occasional accident when we are outside and simply cannot make it to the potty in time, Lydia is completely potty trained. She is waking up about every other morning dry so I don't think it will be too long before we can bail on the nighttime diapers as well.

Bethany has an ear infection and I am THRILLED! It sounds horrible but she hasn't slept more than a 45 minute stretch since MONDAY. Yesterday she only slept about 45 minutes total the whole day. She was fussy and horrible. This morning, after another night of only an hour sleep total, I called the doctor. We got there and they found an ear infection. Weird because my other kids aren't prone to them and she doesn't have a fever. I am so hoping this is the cause of her awfulness!! It is curable.

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