Saturday, April 17, 2010

Date Night

I had a date with my little boy yesterday. We went to go and see How to Tame Your Dragon. It was totally worth all the scheduling. I finally fixed my pump on Thursday and pumped between every nursing so I could have a bottle. On Friday, Grampy came and got Lydia before her nap. I dropped Bethany off at a babysitter's at two. The movie was at 2:25 and we were right on time.

Elijah was super-excited. He went to one of those free movies over a year ago with Justin and that's the only time he's been to the movie. This was our first paid movie. I had sticker shock. Its probably been before Lydia was born that we've been to the movie on a date. I was thinking with the matinee we would be about $12 or so for the tickets. The tickets were almost $10 each!! There is an extra charge for the 3D movie. Wow!

We got the kiddie box of popcorn and a drink ($6!!) and took our seats just as the previews were playing. It was awesome. Eljah sat there drinking his cherry coke and munching popcorn for about the first half. He didn't seem scared at all. He wanted to sit in my lap once the real dragon fighting started but he wasn't scared. I thought, with the loudness of the theater and the size of the on-screen dragons, that he would be scared. He just soaked it all in. He didn't take off his glasses at all. After the movie we went to get ice cream with a gift card I won and just chatted. Then we got Bethany and came home.

I am so hoping that this special one on one time will help his attitude. At this point it couldn't hurt. Yesterday morning he bit be to bleed, sucked on my arm hard enough to give me a hicky, pinched me and threw about 10 tantrums. I was on the edge. I had been up since midnight because of Bethany and Elijah and was exhausted. When I am that tired my fuse is way short. Eljah was up eating (three times!!--pb sandwich, crackers and peanut butter and a granola bar) because he is going through a growth spurt--he's gone from a size 10.5 to a size 12 in shoes this week! Bethany is just a lousy sleeper.

Anyway--in summary. Date afternoon was great. The movie was really good and I didn't find anything objectionable in the content. Going to bed at 6pm while both older kids are gone totally rocks.

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