Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Stuff

My kids are funny stuff.

Stuff is Lydia's new favorite word--
"Lydia what are you holding?"
"Shoes and stuff"

"Lydia, what would you like to eat?"
"Mmmm... popsicle stuff."

Cute to a mommy's ears.

We went to target to grab a few items and top of the list were flip flops for the kids. I wanted shoes they could do themselves for when we go to the pool. They are absolutely adorable and only $5 each. Anyway--on the way to the shoes we passed the undergarmets and Elijah yells from the cart--
"Wow Mom!! Look at all the boobie holders!" The old lady coming in the other direction wasn't amused. I was giggling-then Lydia started chanting "boobies boobies boobies Bethy likes boobies boobies boobies." Good thing I had a sense of humor, a lesser mother might have been embarassed by that.

My kids have new nicknames for each other. Lydia calls Elijah "Beno butter butt" (Peanut butter butt) and he calls her "Baboon butt." We are usually pretty strict about potty words but these nicknames are cute, they giggle every time they say them and it honestly doesn't bother me to hear about 30 times a day. Lydia also calls her brother "Lijie" as a cute nickname when she's happy with him, when she's not its "Lijah James!" (just like mommy :) )

Lydia is at my favorite age--new words and sayings everyday, still little enough to realize mommy is the boss and still responding to time outs as discipline. I know it will soon change so I am trying to enjoy every moment of it.

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