Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Belated Three Months Bethy-poo

So it's the kids' spring break and I just plumb forgot to do my normal monthly update. Bethy is now THREE months old!! I can hardly believe it.

Here's what's going on with her . . .

  • Bethy is awake for two hour stretches a few times a day.

  • Bethany likes to take a bunch of shorter naps rather than a long morning and afternoon one.

  • I can usually get Bethany down around 2pm when the other two are having quiet time or napping. Praise God for this--I am usually ready for a break.

  • Bethany is nowhere near sleeping through the night. Her long stretch has been close to 4 or 5 hours one one or two occasions but it is usally at least every 2 hours that she gets up and wants to nurse, or be re-swaddled or be re-pacied.

  • Bethany can roll over both ways, but sometimes forgets how. She'll roll to her tummy and then get really mad because she's on her tummy. I flip her and she's like "oh yeah!"

  • She has the worst little temper--she'll just scream and fuss and get all red when you do something she doesn't like. She goes stiff as a board and hates getting buckeled into her carseat.

  • She loves to be held. Daddy's got this one hold with her on his forearm looking out. I usually grab her between the legs and hold her facing out one handed. She doesn't like to be up on a shoulder and will only like being cradled if you are bouncing her or she is exhausted.

  • She went to church this past Sunday and spent Sunday School in the nursery. She did OK.

  • She is VERY empathetic--if someone is crying (or tantruming) she'll join in.

  • She loves her mama milk and hates formula. We tried formula a few weeks back and it gave her horrible pains. I tried Soy formula the other day and she wouldn't even suck it up out of the bottle--I don't blame her that stuff smelled AWFUL! I need to fix my pump so she'll be able to be away from me.

  • She loves her brother and tolerates Lydia. When Lydia comes and she's nursing, Bethy will pop off and start screaming crying. Doesn't matter if Lydia touched her or not.

  • She grins and giggles and belly laughs. Her little grin just lights up her whole face.

  • We've tried the exersaucer and the jumparoo and she isn't a big fan of either one. She likes to be in the Bumbo if you're messing with her. She will tolerate the bouncy seat for a short period of time. She loves to be on the mat with the little arcs that holds the toys dangling over her.

  • She's loved.

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