Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Napping . . .

Elijah has pretty much given up his nap. He is devilish without it. Today, he came in my room at dark-thirty wanting to get up. I told him no, that he had to wait for his "alarm-light" and to go back in his room. He tantrumed and I just dragged him kicking and screaming into his room. That pretty much set the tone for the morning. 13 tantrums later I demanded he at least have a "quiet time" in his room this afternoon. After he kept popping out of the room I finally told him (at about 2:30) he would get a spanking if he came out before the numbers on his clock has a 3 as the first number. He is up there sleeping now, his face is inches from the clock, he is naked and the sheets are off the bed in a wad on the floor where he is curled up in them. I am so glad he's asleep!

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