Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update . . .

Things are fine.

Pollen everywhere is making us all sniffly so project "cleanup" is taking up our time. Did laundry today, cleaned the porch and all outside toys etc. yesterday. The rest of the house is on the agenda for the week.

Elijah has completely given up a nap and I am seriously mourning its loss. No kid free time from the moment I'm up in the morning until they are all down at night is wearing me out. Tried the quiet time but it is honesly a lot more battle than its worth right now. That means I am nursing (6am) and up with the other at 6:30 (when thier lights go on thanks to timers) until 7:30 at night when the last snug is snuggled and 8pm when the last baby is nursed. Whew! Then I am up at least every 2 hours at night with little miss Bethany. UGH!
Bethy isn't sleeping any better and I am getting worn out with no naps and no sleep at night. Pray she'll start sleeping in bigger chunks.
Other than that we're just enjoying the weather and hanging out.

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