Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

We didn't do much for Mother's day this year. My present was getting my tubes tied--got that done on Friday. We weren't sure how bad the recovery would be so we didn't plan anything. Turns out it is way easier to recover fromt than we were thinking--I was hurting pretty bad on Friday and indulged in a percoset (sp??) and slept the day away. Saturday, once it had cleared my system, I started nursing Bethy again and it was life as normal. I am a little sore on my belly button but that's it. Totally worth it! I haven't needed naything stronger than a tylenol since Friday afternoon.

Bethy did alright with daddy on Friday night, but Justin looked like death warmed over after getting up with her two times. That man is a bit spoiled when it comes to the sleeping through the night department. On Saturday the kids came home and we just hung out. Sunday we didn't go to church early for rehersal (I insisted--the past two years we have been there early and I didn't get so much as a "Happy Mother's Day" from my hubby so I told him this year we weren't going early and I wasn't chasing kids for an hour before service starts on MY day). Afterwards we came home, I made us some lunch and we napped and hung out.

Saturday night Bethany SLEPT from 6:30pm utnil 5:30 am with only one re-paci. SHE SLEPT THROUGHT THE NIGHT!!! It is amazing! We've never had a little one do that before. Unfortunatley Elijah had a nightmare and came in my room and I couldn't get him out because he fell alseep and wouldn't walk and I wasn't supposed to lift him. Justin didn't hear me calling over the monitor for help so I just tried to sleep with him in the bed. Tried was the operative word there--I got to experience every blessed second of my Mother's Day morning--I didn't miss a moment of it to sleep. He came in a bit before midnight. It came as no surprise to me on Sunday that he was AWFUL--he was tired. He ended up napping almost 4 hours.

The kids were excited to give me their glitter glue creations for Mother's day. They were so cute.

A GREAT friend (who has 4 kids including 4 month old twins!!) brought us dinner since I was supposed to be recovering. I felt a bit guilty accepting it but it was phenomenal!! IT was the most delicious baked spaghetti ever.

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