Monday, May 17, 2010

Yikes . . .

OK--so I just got booted off the nominee list for Mother of the Year after my day so far.
  • We went to Harris Teeter this morning where I let my kids eat a cookie at 7:30am to keep them quiet.
  • Then we went to Childwatch at the gym and they had to come and get me out of the shower because my little girl Lydia pooped in her pants and they needed me to clean her up. This is after they already cleaned up Bethany because she pooped everywhere and even took out the car seat :( So I took my soaking wet self into the bathroom, cleaned her up and grabbed the kiddos and took them to the dentist.
  • Elijah did great at the dentist. Lydia, despite all the practice and watching Elijah and saying she would cooperate, completely flipped out. So I pinned her arms down, laid back with her in my lap and told her to scream as loud as she could because at least then her mouth was open and they could do the cleaning and they could put on the flouride.
  • Came home and fed the over-tired, over-hungry baby who'd been acting like an angel despite the fact that she missed her nap and was 45 minutes late being fed. While she was nursing Lydia comes up and was kissing on her and then out of the blue bites the mess out of her foot--blood blister bite :( So I give Lydia a time out, try and calm the baby and swear under my breath.
  • Had a pretty un-eventful playdate until the end when Lydia pushed her little friend into the grill and then hit her on the head :(
  • Tried getting the kids down for nap and Lydia was jumping on the bed and then she reaches over and touches the bulb on the lamp. She starts screaming and there is a uge blister on her finger. I grab her up, soak it in soy sauce (miracle stuff!!), give her some advil and put her in bed. She's asleep before I even get the light off.
  • Bail on stories so I can feed the baby so I hooked Elijah up with some books on tape and told him to put himself to bed after three of them.

Yikes. . . .I hope the pace of the afternoon slows down and we can aviod any more injuries. What a Monday!

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