Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elijah on Hygene

The other day it was naptime. We'd been playing in the garden and taken a walk and done laundry and I was sweaty and the kids were nasty. I rinsed them in the showed before nap and started to lay them down. Elijah wanted snuggles. This is what he siad:
"Mom--what's that smell, is that your breath?"
Me: "Yeah--we had garlic at lunch"
Elijah: Flipping upside down in bed to snuggle my legs instead--"I am going to snuggle you this way. No I'm not. Your whiskers are poking me and your feet are stinky too. I think I'll just nap without snuggles today."

Oh baby! Made me feel like a nasty mommy! Needless to say I brushed my teeth and rinsed off while the older two were napping. I didn't want daddy to come home to a garlic breath-stinky footed-prickle monster.

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