Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elijah on Vegetables

Yesterday my little boy was a bottomless pit. He had 2 bowls of cereal, a banana, some mango, some oranges and milk for breakfast. Graham crackers and peanut butter for a snack. Yogurt, a kiwi, more mango, a string cheese and juice at lunch. After eating all that he said he was still hungry. I asked him what he wanted . . .
"Mom! I need some vegetables. I am wearing this muscle shirt and I can already see my muscles shrinking because I haven't eaten my veggies today."

Me: "What would you like?"

Elijah: "What are my options mom?"

He ended up choosing a cucumber and frozen peas (and his little sissy copied). The repair guy came in to find both kids licking peas off the table (they like to blow them to one another because they roll) and chomping on cucumbers. He was quite impressed.

He followed that up with a fruit smoothie for his afternoon snack and then macaroni and cheese, a couple of slices of cheese, apple slices, a peach yogurt, milk to drink and blackberries dipped in a bit of sugar for dinner.

That child out-ate ME today. What am I going to do when he's a teenager?

My little "muscle-man" just cracks me up. How blessed am I to have children that enjoy their vegetables and actually ask for them?? I mean, for dinner Monday night we had a tossed salad with spinach leaves and they both inhaled the whole thing? Crazy good stuff :)

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