Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Gonna Curse You Out!

Elijah and Lydia love one another but since they are spending ALL thier time together they have been arguing and fighting a bit more. I miss preschool. Anyway--I have been reminding them that they are each other's blessings.

Me: "Remember--God gave you to each other to be blessings. That means you are to play nicely and love on one another. God didn't give you to one another to be a curse."

Elijah:" What's a curse."

Me: "A curse is something bad. God meant for your sister to be something good in your life."

Elijah: "Oh"

A while later he comes running into the room:

Elijah: "Mom! Lydia is cursing at me!"

Me: "What is she doing?"

Elijah: "Her's is cursing--hers is pulling my hair. Go tell her to be my blessing and quit it."

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