Sunday, June 20, 2010

Literal Lydia

Tonight at the dinner table Lydia had a bad case of the "No's" Any mommy of a toddler knows what that is. Anyway, Justin had had enough of her and said:
"Lydia I don't want to hear you tell me 'no' again."

She looks at him and whispers it as quietly as she can:
"no--" Then says, "I quiet and you can't hear it"

The rest of the night, anytime we asked her a question and the answer was no she would whisper it very very quietly or just shake her head no.

Kinda reminds me of the time a few months ago when Elijah wouldn't nap and he was being wild in his room. I went up for the umteenth time and told him:
"I don't want to hear you messing around up here anymore." and then I left. I came downstairs and all of a sudden the monitor got staticky where he had turned off his piece. I went upstairs to find him jumping onthe bed. He looked completely surprised to see me and said:
"I turned off the monitor mom, that way you don't have to hear me being wild."

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