Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lydia on Bethany's Screaming

Bethany is screaming in the back seat because she isn't happy in the carseat. Elijah is pitching his own fit because music time at the library was over before he was ready and he had an all out tantrum up front and hit his lip on the steering wheel. He was coated in blood and so was I and so was most of the front seat.

Than I hear Lydia:
"Bethy-No Ma'am! That's enough!"
a minute later she says:
"OK Missy--I've had about all I can take of that attitude."
a minute later she says:
"Bethy! Do you want mommy to pull over and adjust your attitude?"

Thankfully we got home a minute later and Bethy was a much happier camper being outside in the swing. Elijah chilled out with a popsicle for his mouth boo-boo. Lydia got some much needed quiet and a popsicle too for putting up with her siblings.

I am so glad I don't curse!! It would be parroted back to me in no time!

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