Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mean Mama

Last night I got about 40 minutes of sleep. Not good. Between the baby nursing every 2.5 hours, getting up with EJ to help him poop, getting up with Lydia to help her poop and the older two getting up and being loud before 5am I am NOT well rested. I was really counting on a nap today. Unfortunatley the older two have other plans. I am listening to them now over the baby monitor in Lydia's room. After an hour of solitude and going up countless times I told them they could have "quiet' time in Lydia's room together. I am dreading going in there.

They have emptied every single drawer on the floor to make a "volcano for mean mommy to trip over." They are up there just giggling and I just heard Elijah say:
"We're going to get it trouble but lets go ahead and do it and just take our consequence." I am just letting them do it and I am praying for patience and strength to be loving. Those children are going to clean up that mess they made if it takes them until bed time.

I am going through a bible study now and Elijah's comment is making me think. How often do we do something that we know is wrong or sinful because it is fun or easy? I know that there are times that I do it. I think to myself, well, it is just so much easier to repent later and ask for forgiveness than to do the right thing. God will forgive me for whatever I do wrong. Seventy times seven he says in his word. The blood of Jesus covers all. Now granted, I generally make a big effort to live my life and not sin. My biggest vice is lying. Whether it is about someones appearance, what I did, making an excuse. All those little "white" lies truly add up. When did I stop fearing God--the same God who tested Job by taking all that was precious, that turned someone into a pillar of salt because they disobeyed, who killed the entire population of the earth with a giant flood?? God is not my buddy--God is my GOD. He is my CREATOR. He controls everything in my life and I need to respect him and stop trying to get away with stuff. He is omnicscient, omnipresent and omnipotent--he knows all my thoughts, all my actions and can see everything I do.

If you aren't a believer I don't care if I just offended you. God created you too. God loves you. God is going to judge you and hold you to the same standards whether or not you believe in him.

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