Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I most certainly haven't been taking my children to the park at 7am in an effort to tire them out so that they will take naps and so that we can avoid this horrible heat. Nope, at 7am I have NOT already been up for at least two hours, my children actually sleep past 5am most days.

I also haven't put up the baby gate to keep the two year old in her room during "nap" time just so I have some peace of mind. Nope-not me! I have children who obey me and who actually nap during naptime instead of destroying the entire upstairs.

I have not told my three year old: "If I hear you say 'butt' one more time I am going to spank yours!" this week several times in an effort to curb the potty talk. My well mannered boy would never say things like butt, tushie,poop and barf just for a good laugh.

I also didn't send my two year old to the garden this morning when she said she was hungry for the tenth time. I didn't say: "Go eat some berries and tomatoes if you are still so hungry." I also didn't find her out there eating a zucchini while it was still on the ground connected to the plant. Nope, the only nibblers in our garden are the bunnies.

I didn't lie to the children and say there was no pie left because I wanted it all for myself. Nope--I always share desserts with the kids. I also didn't post a picture of said pie on facebook and realize later that there was a big bottle of breastmilk in the pump sitting next to said pie. No--I am way too classy to show off my freshly-expressed goods.

I also haven't been giving my children diluted sweet tea for the past two days because I am out of juice and just haven't gotten around to getting any from the store. I also didn't feed them a lunch of frozen peas, frozen corn, a slice of cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers and some canned fruit because there was nothing left in the house. I am way too good a planner for that!

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