Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Things are going well. I am in a constant fuzz from no sleep so the blog is falling WAY behind.

We had a busy and fun weekend. We went out to an organic farm and the kids gathered 2 dozen eggs. They both reached under a chicken and they thought it was great. We got blue, pink and brown eggs and brought a dozen home. When I suggested scrambled eggs EJ said: "That's gross mom--that came out of a chickens butt." Um yeah . . . where do the eggs we normally buy come from? "The store" Lydia was awesome at teh farm. She didn't like the smells at first but warmed up to the baby goats and even let them suck her fingers. We will definately be going back when it isn't 100 degrees!!

We are going to the pool when daddy is there to help us. I haven't yet ventured out solo. I am sure it is just a matter of time--we'll probably try it this week or next. The kids are just so fast and the baby still nurses frequently. I just need to do it and once I have the confidence it will be OK. Right now it is just fear of the unknown. Lydia is going under "like a mermaid" and Elijah is just crazy. He won't jump in the deep yet but it is just a matter of time. He is already swimming around under the water.

I went to the dentist and got 7 cavities filled. Throwing up for 7 months did a number on my teeth. After EJ I remember I had 4 cavities and ended up having to get a crown and a root canal on one. I am so glad we are done having kids--every pregnancy is hard on my teeth! I only have 8 teeth (the four front ones on top and bottom) with no fillings. EVERY SINGLE other tooth has had a cavity due to a pregnancy. How crazy is that??!!

A week or so ago I cut off about 3 inches from Lydia's hair. I was so sick of leg-locking her to get the brush through. Now she is sporting a "bob" and it is adorable. The curls are so bouncy now and they don't tangle nearly as bad. Its too short for a full ponytail but she can still rock the piggy tails :)

Funny lydia-ism: "avi-o-wheats" are raviolis and they are disgusting according to her. And she sings to me: "Baby Aluga in a deep blue seat. Swims so wild and swims with feet. Heaven above and seats beloat. A little white whale on a goat."

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