Wednesday, July 07, 2010

6 Months Check Up

Bethy is 15 lbs even and in the 25% for height and weight. She's a petite perfect little girl. She screamed for 30 minutes in the waiting room (the Dr. was running late and naptime had to be skipped) then fell asleep for a 5 minute snack nap and woke up chipper and happy as a clam. She was such a good girl! The doctor can see her two bottom teeth under the gum and says we should be seeing them within the next few weeks. We'll see--after EJ's biting incident I am not eager to have a baby with teeth again :) She demonstrated her rolling, rocking and crawling for the doctor while trying to escape the physical exam on the table. The only skill she didn't show off was pulling up to stand, which she can do very easily now. The doctor was teasing that she is going to be walking into her 9 month appointment. I hope so, for Bethy's sake, that she is walking sooner rather than later. The house is already baby proofed, she is already mobile . . .might as well bring on the walking!

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