Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bethany is 6months!!

Wow! Half a year already spent with our newest little angel. She is a sweetheart and a baby on the go! Here is what she's up to:
  • Bethany is now NOT eating at night--we did cry it out last week because she was up 6-7 times a night. She is sleeping much better and has even slept through the night twice now. Normally she is needing a paci/pat in the middle of the night and eating at 5 or 5:30am after going to bed around7 or 7:30pm. The whole house is benifiting from this new habit.
  • Bethany is a chow hound--she loves food!! She likes zucchini and tomatoes out of the garden. She loves butternut squash and sweet potatoes. She is great on a sippy cup with water. She doesn't like it with juice. She will yell if you aren't coming with the food fast enough. She likes puffs and plain cheerios and biter biscuits. I usually make her food but she does get some jarred stuff--especially prunes every other day. The kids call it "prune pudding" and I have to beat Lydia off. Both my girls love it.
  • Bethany is queen of the snack naps. She takes about 3 or 4 45 minute naps a day and no long ones.
  • Bethany is a baby on the go. She rolls/army crawls all over to get to what she wants. She's pulled to stand a few times. She is constantly on all fours rocking and has made two or three true crawling motions but nothing consistant.
  • Bethany loves her new stand alone jumper--no more underdogs!
  • Bethany is great at grabbing whatever she wants and it goes straight to the mouth.
  • Bethany is sitting up now through just about anything. She can ride in the wagon, go in the baby swing at the park, sit in an umbrella stroller and sit and play rough with her brother and sister.
  • Bethany has mastered the art of the overhand throw--this morning she woke me up by throwing a paci from her crib to my bed and hitting me in the head.
  • Right now the funniest thing I can do is whistle. It will stop her from a screaming fit. She will just start smiling and laughing. I love it!
  • Bethany loves her brother--he can get her to laugh better than anyone. She is constantly rolling over to get to him. Lydia is also growing on her more and more. They play and take baths together really nicely.
  • Bethany will suck on the two middle fingers on her right hand or a paci. In the middle of the night she prefers a paci but if she can't find it the fingers make do.

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