Friday, July 23, 2010

Dresses, shelves and bread--BUSY day

OK--yesterday I felt like I was having a pretty good day. I hung some pegs in the girls room and brought the pegs that were upstairs down to the playroom and hung them. It involved power tools, wall anchors and a level. I did it while all three kids were awake and "helping" me so I felt pretty good. We then made bread. We poured in all the ingredients and then added the yeast.

EJ: What's that mommy?
Me: That's yeast--it makes the bread rise.
EJ: What's 'rise' mean?
Me: Get fluffy with the little bubbles (then I pulled out a slice of bread and showed him the little holes)
EJ: How does it do that?
Me: Well--yeast are like little bugs and they eat the sugar and the flour and make the bubbles.
EJ: What do they make the bubbles with?
Me: Well--it is thier poots. They poot out the bubbles and the bread rises.
EJ: Oh--no wonder I don't like bread very much.

Later at dinner he told us he didn't want any poot bread. *sigh*

We made cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread and just plain yeast rolls with the dough. It was coming out of the oven just as Justin got home.

After getting the kids in bed and cleaning up the disaster that always results from trying to make bread (and dinner) with three small children, we sat down and I got out a piece of newspaper and some fabric and made up a pattern for a dress for Lydia and sewed it. I am going to make a matching one for Bethany tonight but I need one of her dresses that fit her so I know about how big to make it. I am going to take a beach photo of the girls matching but the dresses will probably debut at church on Sunday so I hope to have a picture then. The dress turned out pretty cute and it only took me the commercial breaks of one CSI to sew the entire thing so it is pretty easy.

Justin looked kinda skeptical at first when he saw me with the news paper and some fabric. I don't think he expected the dress to turn out cute at all. He always seems kinda impressed/overwhelmed when he sees me doing a pattern and sewing. He says that he would NEVER be able to take all those little pieces of paper and fabric and turn them into anything--let alone a dress or a costume. I have to say I really like the fact that I have gotten to the point where I feel pretty confident sewing without a pattern to go by and just winging it. I do so enjoy to sew :)

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